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If you are looking for ghodi for wedding then Dada Bhai Ghodewala is the right option for you. They have a stable full of white horses which are used in Indian weddings. Nowadays many bride grooms go to the wedding venue in cars, but the traditional families still prefer horses. In fact most Indian families believe that if a bride groom goes to the wedding venue on a horse then it will be a good omen. There are many rituals involved in the bride groom sitting on the horse. This is the reason that in spite of modernization, most families will take their bride groom on a horse to the venue.

The best part about Dada Bhai’s horses is that they are well trained and experienced. This is the reason that they don’t get scared of the noise of the band or the crackers that people usually burst during the procession of the groom reaching the venue. This procession is known as a baarat and there have been many cases of the horse bucking and running away with the groom or kicking someone. However, this is not the case with Dada Bhai’s horses that are totally under the control of the person leading the horse.



  • Clean well decorated horse
  • Affordable rates for your budget
  • Trained and well experienced horses who do not cause mishaps
  • A number of horses to choose from

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Dada Bhai Ghodawale

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5000 23000


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