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10 Bridal Makeup Mistakes to avoid on your Wedding day

Posted By Seraj Ahmed

Sep 18, 2020

We all wait for this special day on the wedding day. We must look as gorgeous as our soul and choosing the right makeup kit plays an instrumental role.

We all wait for this special day; the wedding day. We must look as gorgeous as our soul and choosing the right makeup kit plays an instrumental role. Too much research might lead to confusion about what mistakes to avoid on your wedding day. You wouldn’t want to be stuck in a situation where you aren’t sure whether you apply a certain makeup over others. Well, you need not worry anymore as our list containing 10 bridal makeup mistake avoidance tips is here already. Simply read thoroughly for minute details that girls often miss out on the day of them becoming women. It’s the start of a new life; a new you, so beautify yourself and enjoy as much as you can.

10 Bridal Makeup Mistakes to avoid on your Wedding day

1. Wrong color combination can ruin the fun 

Wrong color combination

Wearing the wrong color foundation is the worst mistake of them all. Going too light will make you look like you’ve painted your face. Going too bright will make you look even more exaggerated in photographs. The best way to deal with such a paradox would be to apply only a moderate amount of foundation, which we suppose your makeup artist knows very well.

2. Ditching waterproof mascara is unnecessary 

nakeup mistakes

Always use waterproof mascara on your wedding day. On this auspicious day of emotional celebrations, tears are bound to flow. To avoid mascara tears, a waterproof formula goes a long way. Otherwise, you would end up ruining your makeup and your photos will turn into disasters.

3. Don’t forget exfoliating before putting on lipstick

make up mistakes lips

Whether it’s your lipstick or lip gloss, ensure exfoliation before applying. You can use a sugar scrub and a soft toothbrush to buff the dead skin away. Also, don't forget to wear a moisturizing mask on your lips and leave it overnight. This will get your lips soft enough to respond positively to the wedding makeup.

4. Don’t apply your blush like you’re a doll

bridal makeup mistakes

Don’t use too much of rose color as it will ruin the look. Instead, ensure blending just enough. While applying blush to your cheeks, make sure you choose a shade that’s neither too dark nor too bright. If it seems viable, carry out an experimental makeup exercise to check out what suits you the best. And if it’s too late for experimentation, simply instruct your makeup artist about your preference.

5. Don’t put on your makeup without moisturizing first

bridal makeup mistakes

Let’s be honest, you’re about to spend time and money on that perfect makeup. The only way to keep your makeup secure throughout the ceremony is to apply cosmetics to moisturized skin. Use a face mask three days before your marriage, and use some face oil the night before. On a grand day, apply some face lotion.

6. Always wear eyeshadow that belongs in the natural color scheme 

bridal makeup

We understand! You love that bright emerald green eyeshadow, but reserve it only for your upcoming girl’s night out. We recommend the smokey eye look, as it looks beautiful. On your wedding day, blend it only with colors that belong within a natural color scheme such as browns, tans, taupes, and creams.

7. Don’t hire a friend who’s great with makeup

Only hire a professional makeup artist for your wedding day. Your friend may be great with makeup during all your kitty parties, but your wedding is certainly not one of those parties. So, you should keep things serious, especially because it deals with enhancing your beauty. You deserve to look beautiful and applying makeup is no joke.

8. Pull a covering over your face while wearing your wedding dress

These days, most wedding dresses can be stepped into, however, in case you would be wearing a dress that needs to be put on from over your head, make sure you use a covering. This will help you to prevent the makeup from sticking on your dress.

9. Always keep oil blotting sheets close

Although the matte foundation is a go-to remedy to solve oily skin issues, make sure you have enough oil blotting sheets for touch-ups. They will come handy throughout the wedding day.

10. Don’t Skimp on concealer 

bridal makeup mistakes

Overusing the concealer might turn things unsavory, especially on your wedding day. But at the same time, don’t use too less of it. You don't want to take chances with the dark circles under your eyes. They will never look good in your wedding photos. So let an expert take care of the duty.

We believe our guide shall help you prevent mistakes from happening on your wedding day. We wish you a prosperous and happy life ahead!

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