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10 Center Table Decoration: A Wonderful Experience For Your Guests

Posted By Sudhir Bhatt

Aug 3, 2019

Linking the thread of continuity from the last blog, let's see what is in store next.

More variants to decorate the centre table for the wedding occasions –

Lanterns – How can we miss out lamps, the ancient everyday use item.

This can be displayed in a sophisticated manner at the wedding centre table — a gentle and subtle representation for daytime décor.

The white lanterns can be effectively paired with pastel flowers such as baby pink, light yellow.

This lantern can have an open door, as flowers flow out.

Another option is cute, all open white lantern with white roses.

Next in the line is a copper colour, closed lamp, with a white candle lighted inside.

Outside can be all flowery with a few leaves for company.

Table Linen – Don’t forget this crucial part to be placed on the table.

Though it won’t be fully visible, it is the base on which all things have to be laid.

Try shimmer linen, for a dinner time table décor.

The gorgeous piece of cloth will light up the mood instantly.

Else try lights under the table for an evening table lighting effect.

Roof – The roof of the centre table is an important area to be covered.

Fill it up with colourful flowers only or with green veils and lots of flowers; you can also add flask candles for dinner table décor.

The flower look will be next-level beautiful, enhancing the wedding effect of the centre table.

If you are not a flower fan, try a fringe hanging made up of delicate threads.

Chairs - When the table is all decked up, chairs cannot be ignored.

Quick list, go for ruffle chair sashes, bow ones or the frilly ones.

Also, different flower sashes can work wonders.

Quirky Stuff – These are a few things, which are not yet fully explored.

A line of Succulent flowers is a possibility, but not commonly adapted in India, as of now.

There are many Indian influences like bangles, table linen with Gujarati culture’s famous mirror work; these are very rarely put to use. 

Rajasthani style decoration with colourful little birds made of clay, even cloth umbrella, these are few of the many alternatives not used often.

Leaves and flower petals can be used extensively.

A decorative bowl of fruits can be placed in between if you like.

The centre table art will go on forever; for us, this section ends here.

If you would like to know a little more about the above ideas, you can contact some of the decorators listed with Book My Wedding.

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