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10 Last Moment Mishaps the bride should be Prepared for

Posted By Seraj Ahmed

Feb 27, 2020

Here is our list of the 10 potential last-hour mishaps that you must be prepared as a bride.

Image: Nani and Antonio Photography

Let’s get it straight!

You've spent a lot of time on budget, research, saving money, and planning your wedding day,

and ultimately the most special day of your life is here.

It’s way easy to get overwhelmed and in the process, commit some mistakes. But, that shouldn’t be the case.

We girls always want out wedding day or engagement day to be perfect.

And the best way to ensure that would be to avoid making mistakes that others make.

Here is our list of the 10 potential last-hour mishaps that you must be prepared as a bride.


1. Don’t Overdo your Makeup

Well, you wouldn’t want to end up applying too much makeup on the day of your wedding.

We recommend that you use only as much makeup required.

Clearly communicate with your makeup artist about expect from him.

It’s your right to look beautiful on the day of your wedding,

and your make up artist or hairstylist must adhere to your preferences.


2. Pack Everything Essential

We understand how much pressure and anxiety you’re about to experience on your wedding day.

To avoid such any painful last-minute mishap,

make sure that you pack everything beforehand and keep the items close.


3. The Zipper gives up

In many scenarios, it’s natural for zippers of hooks to fail to bear the pressure and as a result,

they might just move out of place or start malfunctioning.

To avoid such an embarrassing scene, we recommend that you carry an emergency sewing kit with you!


4. What if your heel breaks?

It’s quite understandable that

your shoe might give up on that big day without showing any early signs of damage.

It’s your responsibility to double-check everything before heading to your wedding destination.

If possible, make sure that you break in your shoes the day before the wedding

so that they don't bite your feet.

Also, make sure that you carry a back-up pair!


5. Irritated Skin, or a Pimple!

No one wants to wake up on the wedding day with a pimple on the cheek or irritated facial skin.

The only way to ensure the avoidance of such an undesirable scene is to rub an ice cube on your face,

as this will calm down the redness.

Alternatively, warm compresses and Cortisone injections might as well help subside a pimple.


6. Feeling Sick on the Wedding Morning!

No one can predict our health and it’s possible that you might fall sick on the very day of your wedding.

When such sickness arrives at the last minute, things can turn unfortunate.

However, this is not a time to frown upon the deteriorated health.

Instead, you should take adequate measures to get well soon.

In this case, you should start taking preventive measures well ahead of time.

Make sure that you eat healthy and drink refreshing drinks.


7. Puffy Red Eyes

Understandably, the week before your wedding means you have more responsibilities than ever.

Or in another circumstance,

you might be out at night for late parties and a cocktail or two might lead to a hangover.

Brides who enjoy their Mehendi ceremony with booze are more likely to have red eyes on the next day.

However, there’s nothing to feel sorry about.

Instead, keep spoons handy along with damp green tea bags in the freezer,

which you would require putting over your eyes.

The cold tea bag will help in reducing the puffiness around your eyes. Cucumber slices also work well!


8. Earring back falls on the ground, and it’s lost now!

This is quite expected, as women often find the backs of their earrings to be missing.

These generally fall on the floor and with our naked eyes, we find it often difficult to find those.

However, there’s a solution to this problem if it occurs on your wedding day.

Ensure carrying a piece of eraser, as it would work well for you as an earring back.

This particular hack can also work wonder in supporting heavy earrings.


9. Lipstick Mark!

Your mom or sister loves you a lot, and consequently, they might kiss you all the time during your wedding day.

In the process, they might unintentionally leave behind some lipstick marks on your cheeks.

You wouldn’t want that mark to be captured in photos.

Don’t rub it vigorously either, as it will ruin your makeup. Instead,

try dabbing it gently with a tissue paper to get most of the color removed.

Then ask your makeup artist to add some layers of foundation to cover up the mark.


10. Perfume Mark on your Dress

It’s often found that perfume stains are left behind on the outfit it was applied on.

On your wedding day,

such a scenario might come into existence, but you wouldn’t want such a thing to happen.

In case it's a fresh stain, dab the area using a damp cloth to get rid of the mark.

In case the stain is an older one, using some rubbing alcohol or diluted vinegar will remove it forever.

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