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10 Things to Do Before your Engagement Day

Posted By Seraj Ahmed

Oct 1, 2020

For any girl, engagement is the gateway to a realm of dreams.

We understand how valuable your wedding day is. For any girl, engagement is the gateway to a realm of dreams. It’s the most beautiful thing that will happen to you. In this case, your engagement might be just days before your wedding or a couple of months or more apart. Whatever may be the case you must prepare well for the biggest nights of your life, which includes of your engagement day.

Here are some of the most important points you must stick by. This checklist will help you take care of a few things on the night before your engagement.  

1. Keep your engagement ring clean and shiny

engagement ring

In most weddings, couples generally exchange new rngs these days. But in traditional surroundings, you might be exchanging each other’s family legacies. In that case, you may want to keep your vintage classic ring cleaned to keep its unique shine intact. Consider getting it professionally cleaned. Well, it’s your wedding and you don’t have much time in hand. In that case, leave the ring inside a half-filled glass of soda for one hour. This will help you in getting rid of the stone’s cloudy look if any. You certainly wouldn’t want to lose your ring at the last moment, so keep it safe. Make sure that you pack the rings in advance!

2. Frame some shots in your mind beforehand!

engagement ceremony

It always pays off to be aware of the exact shots you want on this special day. These shots can play an instrumental role in gaining more likes when you post them on social media. Consulting it with your photographer(s) and videographer(s) in advance will ultimately make the whole photography process much easier on the next day.

3. Plan out your couple shoot in advance!

engagement day photos

Engagements aren't complete without some great couple-photographs been taken. Create a theme around the photoshoot and inform the same to your photographer so that he can produce the exact images that you want.

4. Check your manicure

manicure for engagement day

You wouldn’t want any patches or flakes of skin. Remember that your hand would be getting photographed extensively throughout the engagement ceremony. Ensure that your manicure is up to the point, and also, your nail paint should go well with your outfit or look. Make sure that you exfoliate your hands in advance and moisturize them with some nice cream and keep it overnight.

5. Cross-check the schedule

engagement timeline

It’s one of the most important things to remember. Talk to your Photographer and makeup artists in advance and ask them at what time you can expect them the next day. To get awesome shots, you must stay ready at all times.

6. Check out your outfit and accessories

engagement day outfit

Keeping your outfit hung during the night before your engagement day will keep it ready for creases. Similarly, keeping your footwear and jewelry handy will ensure that you don't have to rush at the last minute. Pay closer attention to your hand accessories and jewelry, as they would be photographed most often.

7. Get your hair sorted!

engagement day hair

You wouldn't want to apply oil to your hair the night before your engagement. Instead, consider applying some serum that will keep your hair moisturized and nourish it.

8. Brush up your dance moves

dance on engagement

If you have a plan of trying a step or two during the engagement ceremony, you better hire some choreographer or practice on your own. Try not to take too much pressure the day before the event, but make sure you practice some dance steps that will help your the next day.

9. Cross-check everything: decide what music you want to play

dance on engagement ceremony

It’s your engagement, so you should play whatever you feel like. So, decide the songs that you wish to play in the background while your engagement ceremony is ongoing. In this regard, it’s important to note that most couples forget to plan this thing early. Keep your DJ informed about your preferences and give him the responsibility to ensure playing that specific music during your ring exchange.

10. Prepare your skin before going to bed

skincare before engagement

On your engagement day, you would want to look fresh and gorgeous. Hence, you must take care of your skin beforehand. Remember to remove your makeup using a makeup remover, then double cleanse, and apply serum for getting a great skin on the next day! Use your lip balm to soften your lips.

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