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15 Creative & Unique Tattoo Designs For New-Age Couples

Posted By Sreeparna Mukharjee

Jan 8, 2020

Get your love tattooed with an eternal ink with these creative couple tattoo ideas!

Image Source: Anonymous

Excited to marry your partner?  If you are looking to try something courageous with your loved one, sharing a meaningful tattoo with them is a good option.

These creative & unique tattoos designs are a sure way to emphasize your eternal love for each other!


The lock and the key

lock and key couple tattoo
A lock is incomplete without a key. 

Same way, the tattoo will only be complete when you two are together.


The king and the queen

king and queen couple tattoo

Does your partner make you feel like royalty?

Emphasize that by getting a crown tattooed for them and you.


The Anchor and The Compass

anchor and compass couple tattoo
This particular tattoo will hold meaning as deep as your relationship.

The anchor holds you and the compass will guide you,

which emphasizes the love and support you have for each other.


The puzzle pieces

puzzle peices couple tattoo

Image: Pinterest

A puzzle piece needs to find its perfect match with which it can fit in.

In the same way, this tattoo will stress on

the compatibility you enjoy in your relationship.



tic tac toe couple tattoo
One of the most iconic pairings of the generation is 
the cross and the circle of this fun, childhood game.

This tattoo will provide a sense of nostalgia.

It is perfect for relationships that have a long history in them.


The doe and the stag

doe and stag couple tattoo
Image: Pinterest

Bonus points if you are a Harry Potter fan!


The flower and the bee

flower and bee couple tattoo
Image: Pinterest

The analogy of your relationship with that of a bee's with flowers is pretty simple.

You cannot survive without each other!


Incomplete hearts

incomplete heart couple tattoo

Get half a heart tattooed on your arm and the other half on your partner's.

Pair them up to get a whole heart!


The fingerprint

fingerprint couple tattoo
Image: Pinterest

Get your partner’s fingerprints tattooed on your arm!

You can also align them in an angle so that

they make a heart when you hold your hands together.


Your one true pair

true pair couple tattoo

Image: galknows

If you guys are a geeky couple,

getting a tattoo of your favourite couple from a series will do you wonders.


The rocket and the Moon

moon and rocket couple tattoo

Image: Pinterest

The rocket yearns for the touch of the Moon.

You yearn for the touch of your partner.

Draw the parallel yourself.


The pinky promise

pinky promise couple tattoo
Image: betrendsetter

Get a short text that reads ‘promise’ tattooed on your pinky fingers

to make your promises even more significant.


Your wedding vows

wedding vows couple tattoo
Image: betrendsetter

Are you a married couple? Get your wedding vows tattooed on your arm!


An incomplete sentence

incomplete sentence couple tattoo
Image: darjee

Think of a meaningful sentence or an inside joke that you share with your partner.

Now get half the sentence tattooed on your arm and the other half on your partner’s.

Aw, you guys complete each other’s sentences!


The bow and the arrow

bow and arrow couple tattoo

Image: Pinterest

A bow cannot function without an arrow and vice-versa,

which is a good analogy for couples that complete each other.

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