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15 Tips on How To Become A Wedding Planner in India

Posted By Amita Shrivastav

Mar 1, 2021

Wedding Planners are in demand for the last decades. For this reason, questions on How to Become a Wedding Planner in India start to arise on many minds frequently.

Wedding Planners are in demand for the last decades. For this reason, questions on How to Become a Wedding Planner in India start to arise on many minds frequently. Well, if you become an Indian wedding planner then this job has many challenges with simultaneously crazy & exciting experiences. You should have enough experience & understand the roles & responsibilities for plan your wedding. Your thinking process should be unique and attractive. Here, we are guiding with 15 tips on how to become a wedding planner.

How to Become a Wedding Planner in India

How To Become A Wedding Planner in India


Do a course on the wedding planner, many colleges are offering the Indian Wedding Planner course & through which you can learn all things necessary to plan your wedding. 



You should start with an internship to get experience as a wedding planner. During the internship, you get to learn the basics of the wedding planner. Brush out your skills of how to plan your wedding events.


3.Join Event Planning Company 

While working with an event planning company, Planning, and client management skills both improves which helps you to start your own Indian wedding planner firm.


4.Wedding Design

You should do some short courses on how to make a cake, complete decorations for the wedding, parties. Learn photography skills for the purpose the plan your wedding.

 How to Become a Wedding Planner in India

5.Indian Wedding Organizer

After doing the courses, internship, or doing the job in the event planning company, start organizing the wedding events.


6.Free Indian Wedding Planner

If you really want to get the experience and learn from scratch on how to become a wedding planner then in starting of your career, offer to plan, birthdays, weddings, and parties at no cost. By doing this, you can brush your skills with knowledge on which parts you need to work more. And your relatives & friends will start has given references to you when they satisfied with your Indian wedding planner work.


7.Plan Your Wedding Blog

Make a habit of reading the blogs, magazines & websites to keep updated on the current trends of Indian Wedding Planner. Take the advice, tips & tricks from wedding planner professionals that help you.


8.Own Website, Licence & Marketing Strategy

Create your own website licensed your firm, and adopt the best marketing strategy like promote your firm on the digital platform.



You should learn how to do the budgeting of an Indian Wedding planner and create a budget as per location and work.


10.Understand The Client Requirement 

You should start meeting with the client & developed a personalized plan for your wedding to impress the clients. It is exciting when you directly work with clients. During your meeting, understand what clients want in their wedding, what is the budget & how to organize the whole wedding with a limited budget. Prepare the list of events & discuss the place of the wedding, catering, photography, music, travel, and many others.


11.Vendor dealing

Make a list of all the vendors with proper contact details and charges. For one event, you have more than 2 vendors because it might happen that when one busy then you choose the other one. You need to ensure that vendor will not cancel at the last minute and if happen you need to take alternative action as soon as possible. Make a backup vendor plan always when you are doing the job of an Indian wedding planner. Maintain good relationships with vendors always.

 List of services provided by Indian Wedding Planner

12.Time Management

Learning time management is very an important step when you want to succeed in planning for any wedding event. Schedule all your work and track the same. Clients need every event on time without any hassle and you have to satisfy clients. 


13.Selection Process

Understand the taste of clients and do the selection of colors, décor, invitation cards, flowers, etc. Be a good listener to first understand the demand of clients and choose things accordingly. It would be stressful and emotional to you but need to calm down and focus on your work.


14.Maintain Good Relationship With Clients

Maintain relations with the clients always grow your business. If the clients satisfied with your work then they refer you to many more places and guests who are attending the wedding, parties, may contact you directly as they are happy with your work. You have to be free on weekends so you might be available if any client calls you. Sometimes you have to sit late at night with clients so be happy and prepared for the unscheduled timing.



In the digital world, you can do all the works digitally, but the paperwork is still very important. Make the folder or file of your Indian wedding planner and allocate files for different events, take care of all bills, agreement. 

How to Become a Wedding Planner in India


Enjoy your journey as a wedding planner. All the best!

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