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25 Latest Bridal Lehenga Colours

Posted By Jennie Kakkad

Sep 10, 2020

Every girl has a dream to look the best on her special day. When it comes to choosing her Bridal Lehenga, she can have a variety of choice in terms of colours.

2021 is ongoing and all set to step into a completely new era. If you are one among those who are looking to choose a perfect bridal lehenga for yourself this year, if you are among those who have their wedding due coming year, then amazingly 2021 has an abundance of options in terms of lehenga colours and colour combination. From the traditional red to the gorgeous golden, options are endless with Latest Bridal Lehenga Colours. Every girl has a dream to look the best on her special day. This aspiration does bring her a lot of experiments to apply with her look. However, the best she does is to go with the trend and something that she is confident will suit her the best. When it comes to choosing her wedding outfit, she can have a variety of choice in terms of colours.


Here are some of the most stunning and Latest Bridal Lehenga Colours this wedding season:

1. Mauve: The bold mauve bridal lehenga is the latest wedding trend that looks warm and stunning in all its forms. The colour can be in single adorned with embellishments or thread work or in combination with colours like red, peach, and green looks amazing.

mauve Latest Bridal Lehenga Colours


2. Yellow: The sunshine yellow with adornments, embroidery, or a batch of floral prints makes the look of the bridal lehenga most obsessing. The bride can match her attire with Kundan- studded jewellery and subtle wedding make-up.

yellow Bridal Lehenga Colours


3. Pista: The unique bridal lehenga is pista green colour also looks stunning. It can be paired with pastel pink dupatta and diamond wedding jewellery that makes the most of her look. She is certainly a beauty to stand out in pista colour lehenga.

pista bridal outfit


4. Lilac: The soft and impressive lilac colour makes its way smartly to the wedding trousseau. With all its refreshing and unconventional look, it makes a perfect bridal lehenga.

lilac lehenga


5. Salmon Rose: Give your heart away to the salmon rose or soft pink colour lehenga that is beautified with different hues of peach, nude, and light pink. Adding to the elegance, the gold self-embroidery, crystal work, gotta Patti work, or chikankari works wonders to brighten its look.

salmon rose lehenga


6. Champagne Gold: The beautiful and elegant gold lehenga just looks like a fairy tale appearance or a dream come true. Whether in form of traditional lehenga or indo-western appearance, the feel and look of the bridal lehenga golden is just a perfect fit for the wedding season.

champagne gold


7. Ivory: The colour has always been a topic of controversy when it comes to the wedding colours. However, the recent years have seen a dramatic change and ivory has become a hot favourite in combination with the gold thread work. Many other colours can also be used to pair with ivory colour lehenga to have a completely gorgeous look.



8. Grey: Grey is a simple yet rich colour that adds an extra spark to the bridal look and makes the bride stand apart from the hundreds and thousands of brides. You can either opt for a complete grey lehenga or choose to have a vibrant colour combination paired with pink, red, or orange.

grey lehenga


9. Orange: Orange outfits for marriage functions look absolutely stunning. It spreads the aura that looks like the beginning of a fresh new day. It can be paired with red or yellow for an enhanced look of the bridal outfit.

orange lehenga


10. Mint Green: The shift in the bridal trend is amazing and inspiring. The latest trend speaks about the mint green bridal lehenga that can be adorned with sequin, shimmer, gotta Patti, or thread work in the most mesmerizing manner.

mint green Latest Bridal Lehenga Colours


11. Aqua Blue: Aqua Blue lehenga is a superhot lehenga colour popular for this wedding season. It can be paired with other colours in contrast like the gold, peach, pink, or a vibrant shade of blue for a more amazing look.

aqua blue wedding outfit


12. Blood Red: The colour that has never gone out of fashion. Since time immemorial, blood-red colour is known to be the colour of love, the colour of a wedding, and colour of purity. With the same belief, even in the new era of 2020, blood-red bridal lehenga gives a stunning appearance, especially when adorned with gold thread work of sequins.



13. Tomato Red: Red is being the traditional colour also gives way to many shades and hues of red, even tomato red. The lehenga has its own grace and looks charismatic with a perfect traditional tone.



14. Aubergine: A new colour to define the wedding season, Aubergine has a soothing look. This proves to be a great source of inspiration for the new-age bride. It can purely be paired with pink or orange for a smoother and gentler look with all the glam it delivers.

aubergine colour lehenga


15. Dusty Pink: Dusty pink is the unique colour of the new wedding season. The soft and elegant look of the lehenga with an ivory dupatta or mint green colour combination looks mesmerizing.


16. Peachy-Pink: Peachy pink looks with all the artistic look and designs that bring out a stunning look. You can never get your eyes away from the peachy pink bridal lehenga. The offbeat yet inspiring feel makes the most desirable wedding outfit.

peach pink bridal lehenga


17. Classic Red: This classic red is always a matter of elegance, the matter of beauty. When ired, the traditional Indian bride looks most stunning leaving you speechless. You can adorn the same with gold thread work or artwork and add to the inspiration. In classic red, bridal lehenga velvet also makes a difference in the wedding feel.

classic red bridal lehenga


18. Blush Pink: Blush pink can prove to be a great option for bridal lehenga. You can pair the same with pastel shades and make your special day more special with your gorgeous and stunning wedding lehenga.

blush pink lehenga


19. Cherry blossom Pink: The stunning mix of cherry blossom with dynamic colours like yellow, orange, and red makes a perfect wedding attire. It gives a look and feels that you cannot miss.

cherry blossom lehenga

20. Powder Blue: The royal blue is the winning colour of the wedding trend in the year 2020. From head to toe, the subtle shade of blue complements the overall look of the bride that is further adorned with her jewellery and make-up.

powder blue wedding dress

21. Moss green: Moss Green proves to be an exclusive effect to the wedding aura. The subtle shade with all the adornments and artwork in pink or gold makes a special addition to the bridal lehenga.

moss green

22. Bronze: This is an ultimate pick for the brides-to-be who are looking to have a mesmerizing look. It gives a soothing and soft feel that makes a perfect addition to the wedding look. There is nothing much that you can have to add to your special day.

bronze wedding lehenga

23. White: White lehenga with all its elegance and purity is the evergreen trend for a bridal outfit. There is much you can do to your white lehenga. Pair it with red or golden and add embellishments in gold or vibrant multi-coloured work. This proves to be an absolute classic piece.

white bridal outfit

24. Lavender: If you aspire to experiment with colour for your bridal outfit, then lavender can prove to be a great choice. It is certainly an unusual colour that adds grace and elegance to the overall appearance but with hints of yellow and peach, it can give a dream wedding look.

lavender wedding outfit

25. Mustard: The mustard with silver beaded work or gold tassel add to the joy, freshness, uniqueness, humour, loyalty, positivity, and vibrancy needed for the special day.

mustard colour outfit for wedding


Apart from these inspiring colours for bridal lehenga, the brides today are experimenting with many other options and colour combination with the only dream to create a fairy tale on their wedding day. There are many bridal lehenga images available on the web, many bridal lehenga choices available in our shops, but all you need is the confidence that makes your wedding attire stunning, flawless, and certainly a masterpiece.

Can you name a few more colours? Can you relate yourself to any of these colours on your wedding day? Do share with us your experiences and suggestions so that we can help others choose a perfect bridal lehenga.


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