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30+ South Indian Bride Look

Posted By Sreeparna Mukharjee

Oct 5, 2020

There is something pure about a traditional South Indian wedding. They exude an aura of auspiciousness and grace.

There is something pure about a traditional South Indian wedding. They exude an aura of auspiciousness and grace. One fascinating element of a South Indian wedding is the look adorned by the bride for her big day. You cannot compare anything to the beauty of a South Indian bride wrapped in her elegant saree. Apart from this, the daring South Indian brides do not shy away from experimenting. They are not afraid to challenge norms and try something unconventional. Moreover, they remain in touch with their traditional side as well. We made a list of such creative geniuses who rocked their south indian bride look.

The classy bride: There’s nothing more classy than a traditional kanjivaram saree with a stunning embroidered blouse. To top it all off, you have the traditional temple jewelry to complement your killer style.

classic south indian bride look

The unconventional diamond admirer:  Most of the time you would expect a South Indian bride look to adorn herself with golden jewelry. But these conventional norms didn’t impress one bride in particular. Cloaked in the sparkle of diamonds, she completed the look with a subtle hint of South Indian bridal makeup.

The carefree look: While it is fun to clean up and look our absolutely best, it might be a tedious task for some. The good thing about a traditional South Indian bridal look is that you don’t have to go overboard to look gorgeous. This one bride proved the point by gracing herself with minimal jewelry with a classic yellowish kanjivaram saree.

The jewelry goddess: It is a difficult task to complement your radiant looks with just the right amount of jewelry. One bride accomplished this feat flawlessly with multiple necklaces and ornaments. She did so without looking as if she tried too hard to look good, which is a feat in itself.

Bhavana as a bride: The Malayalam actress Bhavana stole the show at her wedding destination in Kerala with her gorgeous appearance. With the divine touch of a traditional South Indian Kanjivaram saree with gold embellishments, temple jewelry, and gajra filled hair, she became the talk of the town.

south indian bride look of bhavana

Diamond is the new gold: The stunning temple and gold jewelry is an integral part of a South Indian wedding. But recent trends indicate that diamonds trump gold when it comes to beauty. In lieu of this, one South Indian bride rocked her wedding attire by giving up all the gold jewelry for diamonds.

The temple jewelry look: It takes extraordinary efforts to slay a common look. This South Indian bride did just that by adorning herself with temple jewelry like a literal goddess. To complement her gold, she put on a gorgeous emerald green kanjivaram saree as well!

temple jewelry south indian look

The bride who ditched the temple jewelry look: It takes a great deal of bravery to ditch tradition to try something new. One particular bride took the dare and shone in her traditional kempu matha Patti.

The bride who exuded pure elegance: We remember a bride, clad in an elegant cream and red pattu saree. She matched it with a subtle hint of bridal makeup and gold jewelry. She looked impeccable.

The bride who rocked the Kempu look: If you want to try something different and go for the traditional Kempu jewelry, you must do it right. One particular bride pulled off this look with her cream and gold saree and a contrasting blouse.

indian bridal look

The statement kempu necklace: We remember one bride who went for the traditional Kempu jewelry. The thing about her that impressed us the most was how gracefully she carried her statement Kempu necklace.

The bride who loves her jewelry: Perhaps the most underrated, most important part of a wedding look is the jewelry. People often get it wrong. Not this particular bride, though. She looked absolutely gorgeous wearing six different gold necklaces and pulling them all off at the same time!

The make-up Armageddon:  Imagine beautiful eyes, thick lashes and brows, and a luscious red color on the lips. To top it all off, the particular bride chose a gorgeous white silk saree with golden jewelry.

The one who stole the show with her eyes: Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. It also lies in the eyes of the beheld. This one bride looked absolutely gorgeous with her on-point eye-makeup and a lush, pink shade on her thin lips.

The bride who broke the rules: Breaking traditions to follow one’s passion, and then catching everyone’s attention is a great feat. One particular bride did just this by ditching the temple jewelry and donning a pattu saree to complement her stunning jadau jewelry.

The goddess with the septum nose ring: Riddle me this; is there anyone in this whole wide world who doesn’t look absolutely gorgeous with a septum nose ring? A South Indian bride used this simple hack to rock her wedding outfit, the septum nose ring complementing her overall appearance.

The bride who ditched the classic bun: Hair is the ultimate piece of the puzzle that completes your overall appearance. One South Indian bride kept this in her mind when she chose to go with a lush French braid along with various hair accessories.

The traditional bun: If you want to give tradition a chance, you must draw inspiration from this one bride. Dressed in a gorgeous black saree, she completed her look with a basic bun enveloped with flowers.

south indian bridal bun

The one who spared no expense: Your wedding is one day where you should not shy away from extravagance. One South Indian bride practiced just did when she donned a gorgeous bun with stunning braids and golden hair accessories.

The bride who invented minimalistic perfection: This bride is living proof of the fact that you don’t have to go overboard to look impeccable. She only had a simple braided South Indian hairstyle with a gold coin braid.

The one with the perfect lips: With minimal eye makeup, this one bride focused her entire attention on her lips. And it paid off. The entire appearance exuded an aura of simple perfection.

The saree and the blouse: It easy to look drop-dead gorgeous in a kanjivaram saree. But this does not mean that you cannot aim for perfection. Take a cue from this one bride who looked absolutely stunning in her blue kanjivaram saree and a contrasting blouse.

The unconventional jewelry: If you wish to discard the traditional jewelry that you would often find at a South Indian wedding, take a hint from this particular bride. She absolutely rocked her wedding reception with her traditional guttapusalu necklace and earrings.

The minimalistic millennial look: In an era where looks don’t matter as much, it is fun to try and rock a minimum effort appearance. One bride rocked a simple pink kanjivaram saree and a light makeup that complimented her light skin tone.

Indian minimalist bridal look

The one who celebrates extravagance: While many brides shy away from going overboard, one particular bride decided life is too short to care about judgments. She looked absolutely stunning in her heavily embroidered South Indian bridal saree and a contrasting blouse.

The one who was clad in all diamonds: We remember one particular bride. She was dressed in a light pink kanjivaram saree. To complement her simple, classic bun, she chose diamonds to complete her overall appearance. And she pulled it off amazingly.

50 shades of pink: Is pink your favorite color? If so, then you should draw inspiration from this one particular bride. She incorporated different shades of pink in her attire and topped it all off with glittering diamonds.

The golden Jada: Do you love your hair? If so, then you should definitely give it more time than your entire wedding outfit. This one particular bride did just that with a stunning, intricate golden Jada that complimented her gorgeous braid.

The oversized bun: One bride went for an oversized bun and pulled it off magnificently. To complement her hairstyle, she chose a golden coin and a gajra made out of roses.

The one with the minimal makeup: One particular bride broke the internet with her gorgeous smile. She became a living proof of the fact that make-up is merely a complement to your appearance. She applied a minimum amount of makeup and rocked her wedding outfit.

south indian bride look

These were the south indian bride look you can try for your wedding. 

Tell us in comment section which look you would try!

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