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5 Maharashtrian Bridal Look for 2021

Posted By Jennie Kakkad

Feb 10, 2021

The Maharashtrian wedding has its different flavor, which makes it different from another Indian traditional wedding.

Maharashtrian Bridal Look


India wedding is always a graceful event, no matter in which part of the country you visit. The country flaunts its tradition through the beautiful rituals of marriage and wedding décor. The Maharashtrian wedding has its different flavor, which makes it different from another Indian traditional wedding. Needless to say, each Indian wedding holds uniqueness and can’t be compared. In the sacred event of a wedding, bridal grooming plays a very influential role in the entire arrangement. Maharashtra mainly features an amalgamation of both Aryan and Dravidian culture and thus you can witness the elegance and beauty of tradition during Marathi weddings. Let’s explore the richness of Maharashtrian wedding look through this story:


In Traditional Nauvari Saree

In the gala event, the would-be bride is certain to get all the attention. The Nauvari saree is the inspiration for the brides as it not only features the shade of tradition but also is a grace in itself. The bride is undeniably going to steal the show with a single color nauvari saree. The Maharashtrian wedding dress is simple yet sophisticated and brings out the beauty from inside!

maharashtrian bridal look 2021


Floral Ornament And Mundavalya 

The floral imprint is a compulsion in Marathi wedding and a bride makeup without it is incomplete. The mundavalya in bridal makeup along with a half-moon bindi, glass bangles, and nath is a complete bundle for Marathi Mulgi. This blissful combination can’t be expressed in words. If you wish to explore the ethnicity then you must once visit a Marathi wedding.

maharashtrian bridal look 2021


Drenched with the Elegance of Tradition

Marathi girls always love to carry traditional outfit during the wedding. Starting from the makeup till the bindi, everything is so well composed for a lady on her D-day that she remains the center of attraction, undoubtedly. 

An Indian wedding planner can leap ahead with a beautiful themed wedding ceremony. The theme and vibrant environment is certainly going to add a class to the event and enough to mesmerize the guests. Also, it is an all in one service positively needed during such a grand event. 

maharashtrian bridal look 2021


The Royal Elegance

Maratha queens are always praised for their bravery and royalty. Even now, the Marathi girls would love to flaunt in royal attire inspired by the cultural elegance they are carrying in their blood. No one would like to miss the opportunity of sharing a glimpse of it during the wedding. The combination of green and yellow on the very day not only makes the lady look graceful but ensures she stands out of the crowd!

maharashtrian bridal look


Where Tradition Meets Fashion

How about traditionally infusing modish trends? The Maharashtrian wedding can be a symbol of it through the bridal makeup. The bridal makeup gets uplifted when you are in the hand of a professional bridal makeup artist and fashion designer. The selection of wedding jewelry and dress should be selected in such a manner that ensures a perfect wedding vibe. The hair styling is also crucial here and only a professional hairdresser can do justice with the look of a would-be bride.

maharashtrian bridal look


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