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5 Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Ideas by the Water

Posted By Seraj Ahmed

Aug 29, 2019

As a pre-wedding shoot, has become more of a norm for today’s generation, couples are forever on the lookout for the perfect setting for their indulgent ode to love.

Stand out from the crowd.

Dare to dream big and use any of the following ideas for pre-wedding photoshoot if the water is where you want the action to take place.


1. Underwater Bliss, Goa
You don’t need to save the best for the last. Daredevil couples today are ready to take the plunge into never before done Pre-wedding photoshoot ideas.

It is akin to diving deep into a future full of possibilities as also into the deep commitment that holds them together.

This idea can be pulled off only expert supervision and results in a dreamy sequence that will be worth all the trouble.


2.  Sunset by the Lake, Victoria Memorial, Calcutta
The water sparkles in the dying rays of the Sun and a new Sun rises in your love story.

sunset lake couple photoshoot

The dark silhouette of the lovebirds against the backdrop of the pristine white Victorian structure makes for a timeless frame.
 A perfect combination of quiet elegance for the city-bred urbane couples when seeking locations both picturesque and within the means of practicality.


3.  A canoe romance, Kerala Backwaters
The love of your life by your side on a canoe as you drift along the Kerala backwaters - enthralled by its beauty.

kearal backwater photoshoot

Each of you gazes into the other’s eyes as rain drizzles from above, with only a banana leaf to give you cover.

This is hands down one of the most romantic Pre-wedding shoot ideas.


4. A Mountain Mist, Waterfalls in Himachal
If you are fishing for ideas for Pre-wedding shootings, then go for the Himalayan waterfalls. – which provides for both lush greenery and also perfect vantage points. The water gushes forth like liquid crystal and a spectacular layer of like mist forms around the bride and groom with the sun rays bouncing back off of the water droplets.

waterfall couple love photoshoot

This sun-kissed mist creates a natural filter like none other and the photographs taken of the bride and groom look taken straight out of a fairy-tale; an ethereal air around them as they murmur those vows to the love of their life.  

It is especially a magical sight to behold during evening hours.


5. Love on the pier, Rock Beach, Pondicherry
Frolicking about the beach is the latest trend in every Pre-wedding shoot. What you instead can choose is the quiet solitude of one of the most stunning piers on the famed beaches of Pondicherry.

couple's beach photoshoot

A shot of your heads gently resting against each other as you dip your feet in the gentle water will give a serious couple goal to anyone.

Wait for the sunrise to make the most of this calm ambiance.


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