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Adorable Brides With Their Pets In Indian Wedding

Posted By Shreya Sinha

Nov 26, 2020

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened"

These days the trend of marriage ceremonies in India is undergoing a radical change as the brides are accompanied by their pets and dogs in their marriages. It's all because of a growing global trend that has set in to consider pets especially dogs as a part of the family. Besides, the use of wedding outfits, it is highly recommended to be accompanied by a pet to the wedding places. It's needless to say here that millions of people around the world love their pets for multifarious reasons. Myriads of change are to be expected by enjoying the company of the pets as this helps the people or the brides in awakening their souls. Dogs are considered to be great companions to human beings. They can happily go with you wherever you want them to be. The relationship between a person and a pet has been something special that can't be properly defined. Brides enjoy the company of dogs in a number of ways during the wedding ceremonies. The brides choose to get them ready with the same outfits they wear on the occasion. That not only provides pleasure to them but also give them a heave of relaxation from the hectic schedule of the wedding processes. Thus the brides stay fresh for the whole night in the company of their pets. Sometimes they steal away time to spend with them by kissing, hugging, or taking the pet in their laps. All these activities keep the brides happy and far away from the monotony of life.

The dogs are our best friends who enrich our lives in infinite ways. They offer much sought after mental satisfaction and laughter just at the moment we require the same. Dogs are no longer merely four-footed animals but they are part and parcel of our life...

Brides With Their Pets | Wedding Photo Inspiration | Pet In Weddings

Here are some adorable pictures of brides with their dogs:

Brides With Their Pets I Wedding Photo Inspiration I Pet In Weddings

First picture shows that a bride is hugging a pup taking it in her arms,


Brides With Their Pets I Pet In Weddings

A bride trying to kiss her pet on its forehead. Making the dog wear matching outfit with brides lehenga, showing that pets can have special place in our heart!


Brides With Their Pets I Wedding Photo Inspiration I Pet In Weddings

The bride is seen holding her pet wrapped in purple cloth.


adorable photos of brides with their pets

Image Credits- Hitched and Clicked

Two dogs are seen one in her lap and the other on the floor are being lulled by the bride.


adorable photos of brides with their pets

A bride picking up the pup wearing a blue belt matching with the colour of bride's dress within her arms.


Brides With Their Pets

Bride and her pup posing giving a pout!


Pet In Weddings

In a picture, a dog is seen trying to stand upto the bride's cheeks.


Brides With Their Pets I Wedding Photo Inspiration I Pet In Weddings

This bride dressed her dog in a beautiful outfit giving a wedding vibe.

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