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Best Nail Care Tips for Beautiful Brides

Posted By Amita Shrivastava

Feb 12, 2020

As a bride, you cannot just leave your Nail and Hand dull and dry or ignore them! After all, they tend to be heavily photographed during the wedding ceremonies.

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So now you have booked a pre-bridal salon package and are here you following this ultimate guide to getting your special bridal glow at home for your big day, but dear girl bride to be, have you thought of pampering your nails and hands so that they too appear “perfect” on your the big day too? As a bride, you cannot just leave them all dull and dry or ignore them! After all, they tend to be heavily photographed features of you during the wedding ceremonies. Whether it's your Mehndi ceremony & engagement where you have a hand-held couple shots photo session, your hands would remain to be in constant glares of the videographer and people around. It's not only when your partner holds your hand to slip in the solitaire ring or held your hand for proposing in front of all the audiences, you definitely would like to have your hands soft and supple Don’t you? But they don’t just turn baby soft overnight! Here we enlist some best nail care tips for beautiful brides that look hands gorgeous on the big day of your life:


Always Moisturize Your Hands

nail care tips

Wanna have baby-soft hands? Start moisturizing as keeping them hydrated is the basics. Carry a hand cream or a water-based moisturizer that suits your skin type, gently apply it thrice a day after cleaning your hands. Massage the cream in good volume start from the back of your hand, wrist, fingers, and especially around the cuticles. You may use a light non-greasy moisturizer during the summers and body butter for winters as skin tends to become drier during winters. Include this in your daily ritual of body care!


Remove Dead Cells With Regular Exfoliation

nails care tips

Keep your hands away from aging and removing dead skin cells by regularly exfoliating them. Start with a good hand scrub or you may prepare one at home and gently exfoliate your hand's skin twice a week. It also improves blood circulation and makes them look youthful, fresh & radiant. Some Homemade Nail and Hand care tips for brides prove to work like wonder, here we enlist some easy DIY  homemade hand scrubs that you may try!

            a) Mix equal portions of olive oil with sugar or coffee grinds

            b) Mix some honey, lemon juice, and sugar with a few drops of coconut oil to make this scrub


Take Care of Cuticles

nail care tips for cuticles

Cuticles are the most delicate part of your hands and they do demand extra care and efforts. Healthier cuticles are also essentials in keeping the nails look shiny and stay stronger. To keep them nourished, daily moisturize your nails by applying cuticle oils. You may go with vitamin-E enriched oils or simply massage your nails with mixing some olive, coconut, or almond oil every day at home.

Maintain the Hangnails Shape & Size

If you are someone who is often biting or chewing your nails, you must be familiar with the aftermath that is the hangnails i.e. torn skin near the root of the nail.

Apart from its appearance looking unpleasant, hangnails are extremely painful and may cause infections. To have beautiful and youthful-looking hands, trim delicate hangnails with a nail cutter and do NOT prick them with your teeth.

Pampering Bridal Hands

Don’t rely too much upon a manicure the session scheduled a week just before your wedding day. Instead, get your hands ready for your D-day by having two manicure sessions every month before your wedding.

Wear Gloves While Doing House Works

Strong soaps and detergents are harsher on your skin, hence start wearing gloves in case you do have to do any household chores.

Shaping, Buffing & Painting

nail shape tips

If you plan to keep your nail color neutral for your big day, it is worth shaping and buffing them to ensure a smooth and even surface. Even when you do not want to apply any color to your nails, you still should apply a clear top coat on your nails. It gives them an extra coating of shine while making it appear clean and healthy in all pictures throughout the wedding photo sessions. However, we would advise using either a lighter nude or softer pink nail polish color on your nails, which will ensure that the color of your nails will appear even and blemish-free.

Hydrating Your Nails

jojoba oil for nail care tip

Just like your facial skin, your nails also do require amply hydrated, but this time, what you need is some cuticle oil. Cuticle oils penetrate deeper into the skin than hand creams, and do hydrate effectively, and are great if your nails especially when it's dry or brittle in texture. When finding cuticle oil, look for Vitamin E, coconut oil, almond oil, or jojoba oil in the list of ingredients, as these are the most important ingredients.  

Egg Hand Mask

If you don’t mind applying eggs on your hands, apply the egg’s white portion upon the back of your hand. It works as a great hand mask and keeps the skin tone and suppleness intact. Do this application twice once in a week.

Use Less Hot Water

Hot water is the biggest culprit behind resulting in dry and wrinkled hands. If you want to have gorgeous looking hands, limit your hands exposed to hot water. Instead of hot water, wash your hands with a mild cold or lukewarm water.

Use Sunscreen When Out

Sunscreen should be a part of your daily healthy skincare routine. And since you are a bride-to-be, just applying it only on your face is just not enough. Sun exposure may lead to brown spots and can cause wrinkles on the back of your hands due to harsh sunlight during the day time. Ensure that you apply a layer on your hands before stepping out that too with corrective SPF rating.


Hope you find the best ways to get your hand look gorgeous

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