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Best Wedding dress ideas for Groom

Posted By Seraj Ahmed

Nov 16, 2019

Today we are providing some of the best wedding dresses for men. Here’s the list for you!

The choice of wedding dress differs from person to person.

People think that only brides get confused while selecting their wedding dress but nowadays so many options are available for men that it becomes hard to choose one dress among them.

A good idea can be using a different dress for different ceremonies or rituals. However, all of us cannot afford this luxury and therefore today we are providing some of the best wedding dresses for men.

Here’s the list for you! :




wedding shervani for groom

A royal and glittering Sherwani is probably the first choice of men when it comes to wedding dresses.

This royal apparel comes with embroidered patterns and embellishment of gems which make them a perfect choice for a wedding dress.



kurta dhoti for groom

Kurta-dhoti is a traditional costume that complements every festive occasion.

Therefore, it is one of the most favorite options when it comes to wedding apparel for men. There are different designs and patterns available in Kurta-dhoti. There are simple, textured, and even stylish patterns and designs available in the shops, malls, and online stores these days.

Moreover, men can also choose to wear a jacket on the Kurta to make it look even more fashionable.


Wedding Suits

wedding suit for groom

Wedding suits come in different patterns, colors, and designs these days.

Earlier, suits were not considered as a good option especially by the traditional Hindu and Muslim families as it was considered the wedding dress of Christian men.

However, times have changed now and men prefer to wear suits for wedding and reception.

Moreover, a couple with a groom wearing a suit and the bride wearing a lehenga or modern saree looks perfect.

Therefore, it could be a good wedding dress option for men. Men can wear a suit with or without a tie on the wedding day but mostly grooms do not prefer to wear ties because

then the overall apparel looks too formal. 


pathani for men

Earlier Pathani and Sherwani were mostly preferred by the Muslim grooms but nowadays even Hindu and Christian grooms do not mind wearing them.

A Pathani looks perfect and it also comes in many patterns, designs, and colors. 

Moreover, simple, traditional, and even modern Pathanis are available today in the malls and readymade cloth shops.

Therefore, you can try one of these Pathanis if you wish to look special and unique on your wedding day.

These are the best wedding dress ideas for men. If you have some more ideas then you can let us know in the comment section.


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