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Buying Return Gifts for Reception: How to Get the Best and Please you Guests

Posted By Yashvini Bhatt

Sep 6, 2019

The reception gifts to be given to the guests during wedding planning always poses a problem.

Since you would be receiving visitors from many communities and beliefs, choosing gifts for them will have to be a mixed one but similarly priced but differently valued. With the number of guests known to you and considering your budget you can see the number of gifts to be bought, then plan with some common sense, imagination and a discussion with the vendors.

The tools useful to you on bookmyweding.in will be my dashboard, my budget, and vendors list. Once you have everything written and planned out, things will be more precise for taking the decision. The two things important will be your budget and the people you are addressing this choice.

idol return gift wedding reception

The task will begin with the list of people who are invited to the event. But one thing is common to all – they belong to different faiths, so you can conclude that if you come out with something which is commonly useful to all, it can be gifted.

For example, we see in the shops available some small decorative platforms; on these we can place your sacred texts or statues of Gods, or a holy object or any other matching décor objects.

It is better to buy a uniformly priced gift for everybody. Thinking along the same line you can have a small lamp that could appeal universally. Usually, these items could cost you anything between Rs. 200/- to Rs. 500/-

lamp as wedding return gift

The second option could be chocolates which are so popular and eaten by all the members of the family. Again, they will be in the same range as above, but the important thing is to please the guests. Considering food items, one could arrange to buy dry-fruit packs or exclusive cookies to please the guests.

chocolate as wedding return gift

Or otherwise, if you have people of the same faith – you can order small idols like Ganesh, alternatively, for people from other religions, you could go for properly packed religious texts with their fancy boxes. But if you have guests of mixed faiths you will have to count the number of people from each faith and then add a few more to be on the safer side and order more accordingly.

dry fruit as wedding return gift

Fancy crystal items for décor may also do.

wedding return gift

Please go to bookmywedding.in to plan the process, budget it and order it- all on the flick of a finger of your phone with bookmywedding.in app – available on Google Playstore.

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