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Duties of a Mandap Decorator

Posted By Amin Gani

Dec 20, 2019

A mandap decorator is a professional who takes care of the decoration part.

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A mandap decorator is a professional who takes care of the decoration part.

He usually engages a team to decorate the wedding mandap

and stage according to the preferences and budget of their customers.

For those who do not know what a mandap is,

it is canopy in which the sacred wedding rituals are performed

by the priest along with the bride, groom, and their relatives.

In many regions of India, mandap is also referred to like the bigger canopy

that is used to make a sitting arrangement for guests and relatives.

Therefore, the mandap decorator usually has the skills

to take care of both the smaller and bigger mandap.

These are the duties of a mandap decorator that

he performs in a traditional Indian wedding:

Building a unique & attractive mandap

Firstly, creating a mandap huge enough

to accommodate the guests and relatives is a challenge.

However, the mandap decorators usually have their equipment

and tools necessary to construct a huge mandap.

Also, if needed, they take some equipment and tools on rent.

Their primary duty is to understand the color scheme of the wedding mandap

that their customers are interested in and to build a mandap accordingly.

Also, the mandap must be strong and stable enough to sustain

for days because the safety of the guests and family members is of prime importance.

Decorating the stage

Usually, the wedding venue has a preset stage

on which the smaller mandap has to be built.

A professional mandap decorator not only builds the

smaller mandap but also looks after the stage decoration.

He might use fresh flowers, lights, artificial flowers and leaves,

and much more to make the wedding stage look beautiful.

Sitting arrangement

The chair, seats of the bride and groom, and other seating arrangements

are usually done by a mandap decorator in India.

They have their chairs and tables which you can also

take on rent if you do not need their complete services.

Other services

Centerpiece decoration, the lighting of the venue, entrance decoration, etc.

are some of the key services provided by a mandap decorator.

Also, most of the vendors have the album of their previous work

which you can refer to before selecting or booking

a particular color scheme and mandap style.

You need to confirm whether the venue you are booking

permits external decorators or not.

The venue owner might charge extra for external mandap decoration

or might even have his set-up for building a wedding mandap

and for other decorations.

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