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Engagement Ring designs that are preferred by Grooms

Posted By Seraj Ahmed

Sep 22, 2019

Grooms likes fat and thick rings that complement their macho look.

However, they need to choose a ring with a sophisticated look when it comes to the engagement ring.

Many engagement ring designs are designed specifically for the groom and these rings are costlier than the rings meant for brides as men usually need a ring with a bigger size.

Let us look at some of the most popular engagement ring designs for the groom:

Plain gold bands

plain gold bands

Men like rings with plain gold bands and these rings can be used for the engagement ceremony as well.

Bands can be on the thicker side and may include diamonds or any other precious stones forming a hemisphere or any other design on the ring.

The groom might also get a special message engraved on the plain band for his beloved future wife.

Stripped gold ring

stripped gold ring


Stripped gold rings are quite famous in many parts of India as they exhibit a rugged look that will complement the overall look of the groom.

A big rectangular-shaped diamond is usually encrusted in the center to add more magnificence to the engagement ring.

Platinum bands

Platinum bands

If you want to don a sophisticated look for your engagement ceremony then you might think of wearing a ring with a plain platinum band and nothing else.

This simple yet classy design not only adds a touch of simplicity to your suave look but also weighs less in your pocket.

Double bands ring

Double bands ring


Men would prefer a ring with dual bands running parallel to each other.

These bands might contain a round or rectangular-shaped diamond in the center or might contain few stones in between them.

Sometimes, men also prefer a dual-band ring with a ring of precious stones in the center.

However, these rings might be a tad expensive than the other engagement ring designs for the groom.

Watch shaped ring


Men do prefer watch-shaped rings for engagement as well.

These rings usually consist of a plain band and a rectangular or hexagonal-shaped surface is designed at the center.

This surface is usually studded with multiple stones or small diamonds to make them look more special.


Crown Shaped ring

Crown Shaped ring

Rings shaped like a crown of a king are quite a hit among the men and they would love to don such a ring in their engagement ceremony as well.

Crown shaped rings come in different patterns and designs and are usually studded with precious stones and diamonds.

These rings not only look creative but also complement the personality of the groom.

 These were some of the coolest and most popular engagement ring designs for grooms.

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