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Financially Feasible Reception Ideas

Posted By Seraj Ahmed

Feb 20, 2020

Image Source: Maharani Weddings

We all want to impress our guests by throwing a grand reception party.

However, we also need to check on the budget part especially

if a lot of money has to be spent on post-marriage plans such as a honeymoon trip.

Also, you don't have to spend a lot on reception

as many reception ideas are both creative and affordable.

Today, we are going to provide some interesting and useful tips

that would help you to plan your reception on a budget.

Choose an affordable venue

You don't have to book an exhibition hall or a five-star hotel for your reception

as that would cost you too much.

Instead, you can buy a cheaper hall

or you can even use your backyard as a reception venue if the guests are limited.

A little bit of extra decoration would make your reception pretty grand.

Create an inexpensive menu

You already will spend a lot of money or a marriage fest.

Therefore, it is not necessary to throw another lavish party at the reception.

Therefore, you can choose to serve your guests

with a few selected dishes instead of going for a seven-course meal.

Some halls and banquets provide a complete menu for the reception

but you can always ask them to remove some dishes to cut down your food expense.

Keep an eye on drinks

Receptions are not meant for getting drunk and nasty as many people conceive them to be.

Therefore, you can curtail the drinks menu by ordering some beers and cocktails.

Also, it is completely fine if you avoid alcoholic drinks altogether at your wedding reception.

Religious venues

A religious venue can be the hall of a temple or church

where dining tables are already set up in large numbers.

Such venues are usually cheap and a great choice

for those who are about to plan a reception on a budget.

However, you need to ask the concerned people whether some activities like

a couple-dance, DJ music, etc. are allowed at such religious venues.

For choosing a cheap yet amazing wedding venue you can click on this link.

Cheap decoration ideas

You can choose cheap yet best reception decoration ideas for your reception.

For that, you can use flower garlands, balloons, candles,

and other decorative items that are cheap yet attractive.

You can use the balloons and tulle fabrics to decorate the ceilings

whereas candles can be used to enhance the look of the tables and center stage. 

Affordable music

It is not always financially feasible to book a DJ at your reception.

Many reception halls and venues have their sound system and you can use them.

You can ask your friends to prepare a list of peppy and lively musical numbers and their cell phones.

This music list can be connected to the hall's music system afterward.

These were some of the best wedding reception ideas that are on a budget as well.

For more such ideas you can visit this website.

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