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Fun things couples must do before they get Married

Posted By Rachel Ann Rodrigues

Dec 26, 2019

Image Source: masterlife

Whether you are going to get married in a month, or marriage is on the cards, couples must try some fun things before they finally settle down. These activities are going to help you divert your mind from all the wedding-related stress and get to know your partner better.


Travel together

married couples travelling together

We think it is very important for couples to go on a short vacation together before they tie the knot. Travelling allows you to step out of your comfort zone and reveal a new side of yours to your partner. You get to know how your partner reacts to good as well as stressed out situations.


Visit each other hometowns

things to do before marriage

How exciting it is to visit the place your partner grew up! Visit all the places they used to go to hang out with their friends, their school and favourite restaurants. You will get to know so much about your partners live while having visited a new place.


Meet their parents

meeting partners parents bookmywedding

If ya’ll have decided to get married sometime in the future, it is only logically to get your family involved in order to forge the seriousness of the relationship. It is very important to get along with each other’s family, because eventually they will become your family too, after marriage.

The same goes with meeting other friends. Go for group outings, lunches and movies. Though it is not compulsory that your partner’s friends must become best friends with you, but building a bond always helps.


Try something adventurous

couple on adventure before wedding book my wedding

After marriage, people get bogged down with stress and family responsibilities, so before marriage, you must try all the adventurous things and activities with your partner. Not only will you have fun, but you can also bond over these shared experiences.

Some of the adventurous activities you can undertake are bungee jumping, sky diving, river rafting, scuba diving and almost anything that intrigues and challenges you and your partner.


Get fit together

fun things to do before marriage book my wedding

For those who want to lose a few pounds or look fitter for the wedding, they can join a gym or do yoga classes together.  Many fitness centres conduct a couple of sessions and offer special couple membership discounts. Marriage is a beautiful institution and should not be rushed under any circumstance.

 Try these excellent activities to have fun and get to know your partner and yourself much better.

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