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Get these Medical Test before your Marriage : Pre-Marital Checkup

Posted By Aparna Kulkarni

Mar 12, 2020


Marriages are the most beautiful moments of every couple’s lives. 

However, there are so immeasurable responsibilities. You need to take care of the decor, gifts, guest lists, venue and so much more. In this pool of tedious work, we tend to ignore some of the most important things. 

Yes, most crucial things, that both you and your partner need to do, are some Medical tests before marriage. It's not mandatory but all doctors around the globe advise this. 

Some medical tests are recommended for every couple before their D-Day. If you would like to know about your health and fertility status, you should go for it. Many people are negative about medical tests. Some people have myths. But trust us on this. Once you get these medical tests done, there won't be any unwanted stress and problems after your marriage. 

Gone are the days when the idea of intercourse or evening talking about it was bushed under the carpet. Knowing your partner’s health should not be considered a taboo. All this doesn’t imply that your relationship is on troubled grounds. Team BookMyWedding suggests some important medical tests for fertility. These tests are for yourself and your better half, so that you both lead a happy, healthy and safe married life. So, let's get started folks!


Blood Group compatibility medical test

Blood group compatibility is usually ignored. But your blood group needs to be compatible with your partner to avoid Rhesus disease. It is an issue faced during pregnancy in some mothers. 

It plays an essential role in pregnancy. If the couple has opposite rhesus factors (Rh positive or Rh Negative) and the child somehow picks up father’s Rhesus Factor, then it's possible that the child might end up getting attacked by his mother's blood due to an antibody reaction.

 Due to this, many matrimonial sites don’t let you sign up before you confirm your Blood Group. Women with a negative blood group have a greater threat. If they marry rhesus positive husbands, it would then lead to rhesus incompatibility. It might turn out to be fatal for the child.

 This is a common reason for miscarriages all over the world. If this is the case with you, don’t worry, seek medical help and you might find out away.

Fertility medical test

It's obvious that if you are getting married, one day you would be planning to have a child. And this is when fertility test comes into the picture. If at all, there are any kind of fertility issues in you or your partner, you can start addressing them soon. Fertility test for men is very easy, they just need a semen test. 

For women, there are so many factors that determine their fertility. The blood medical tests, TSH, FSH, Prolactin, ultrasounds and AMH level medical tests are very essential.  If you get this all done, you will avoid unnecessary emotional trauma beforehand.


Medical tests for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) 

There are chances of infection during intercourse if proper hygiene is not maintained. 

Its important that you get these medical tests done beforehand. All this not only affects you but it affects the entire family. 

Herpes, hepatitis C, syphilis and gonorrhea are some examples of STDs. Bacterial Vaginosis, hepatitis B and HIV AIDS are either lifelong diseases. Some of these may even turn out fatal.

 If you get to know if you or your partner have any such diseases, it can help you to seek adequate medical care. Some of these diseases can be cured with medicines. All you need to do is take proper precautionary measures.


Chronic or Genetic Health medical tests

Before a medical condition reaches its terminal stage, it should be taken care of. A complete body test is recommended. This is to check if either of you is suffering from a chronic or genetic ailment. 

This is important because it may find its way to your child if not detected and treated. 

Diseases like cancer, kidney diseases, Down Syndrome, Thalassemia, heart disease, liver issues, etc. need to be examined beforehand.


Mental Health Check-ups and medical tests

Mental health has always been the most ignored disease, especially in India. But trust us; this has to be top on your priority list even if we have mentioned this in the end! It all starts with depression or OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder).

It then follows its way to dementia, schizophrenia, narcissistic personality disorder, Alzheimer's. When we talk about marriage, even a word as little as “Anger” should not be ignored. Excessive anger is again a mental disorder and needs to be managed. 

These medical tests will make you aware of your and your partner's health. So, you can take care of any obstructions that may arise after you get married.

Let us know if you have doubts or suggestions!

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