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Guide to Plan Summer Weddings in India

Posted By Amita Shrivastav

Mar 10, 2021

Big awaited summer wedding with our expert guide to plan summer weddings in India with few essential tips for you to make you and your guests comfortable!

If yours is a summertime wedding and are apart from imagining some lively evening breezing sunset wedding functions with lots of cool food and drinks menu if you are anticipating facing weather peculiarities like overheats, dehydration, and the humidity, and fear that the guests might be feeling uncomfortable during the events.
Don’t worry we won't let the weather be that much of a concern during your big awaited summer wedding with our experts guide to plan summer weddings in India with few essential tips for you to make you and your guests comfortable and enjoy every moment during the greatest day in your and your fiancée's life. Here’s our expert's guide to planning summer weddings in India & keeping Guests Comfortable and Cool.
1. Making the perfect venue decision

While booking your venue -whether its-outdoors or indoors — look for a beautiful venue that has both outdoor and indoor areas, such as a decorated indoor centralized AC ballroom and an outdoor terrace that has a big pool and well-manicured gardens, and live well open cooler cooled green areas. Guests during the event should be comfortable enough to select whether they can stay outside or inside the centrally air-conditioned building of the venue. 

tips for Indian Summer Weddings

2. Keeping your guest hydrated 

Especially served in stylish glasses with slices of lemon, lime, or orange.  Guests during your Indian weddings shouldn’t feel dehydrated with plenty of potable water served either in stylish glasses and colored bottles along with coconut water and lemonade offered to them throughout the event.
Not to forget during your main wedding events consider stocking some summer-centric bar cocktails and beers served chilling cold.

3. Under the natural shade

You may consider asking your venue manager to arrange the seats and tables under and near the shade of trees, or poolside with some big and bright swimming pool umbrellas.

tips for indian summer wedding


Cool Décor Ideas for a Summer Wedding

4. Keeping the Menu fresh and palatable for summers

The summer weather could be terrible for some of your menu items, which might make edible things stale and not so fresh resulting in tastelessness and some guests might become sick post consuming it. Ensure that if the Menu includes meat products, fish, or desserts these should be stored and served in super-cooled dishes and also instruct the caterer to keeps replacing warmed salad dressings with cooler, fresher supplies on a war footing pace. 

5. Choose some really cool Bar Menu 

Ask the bartender at the event to have few summer-centric cocktails along with a bar menu of snacks that includes items of cold, refreshing veggies, a lighter non-veg menu, and mango skewers, and a menu that is palatable for hot weather and is lighter on metabolism.

tips for summer weddings in India

6.Keeping Food Safe 

While serving to keep the food safe from flying insects especially if your wedding venue is open choose chafing serving dishes and serving platters with lids covered and instruct the decorator that the buffet table shouldn’t have flower arrangements with mosquito or bee-attracting flowers.

7. Preventing mosquito and insect troubling your Guests

Ask the venue managers to properly carry out pest control and also consider the pest control shouldn’t be very recent or with harsh chemicals to create allergy problems for any individual attending the event. Also at major places, insect traps should be placed making the venue clean from insect attacks.

8. Later-in-the-day photoshoots

Often, the wedding photographers prefer shooting in open daylights, carefully ask photographers to scan the summer wedding venue, if the flowers look weary, dry, and damaged from the heat, just leave them out of the frame. DSLRs capture every minute detail, and any not picture-perfect venue decorations shouldn’t leave scary surprises later. Make sure to look closely and then decide on any styling decision whether or not to have the flowers in the shot with you.

tips for indian summer wedding

9. Choose a summer wedding attire 

Made of lighter fabric, which should leave for your skin to breathe in during the hot-weather summer Indian wedding, discuss with your wedding attire shopping person for fabrics that are in demand during the season such as cotton organdie, chiffon, and lighter shades. You don’t want horrible sweat stains to use to consider this while selecting of colors for your wedding dress 

indian summer wedding outfit

10. Choose the right footwear

Go for more comfortable lighter as well as stylish footwear with thicker heels that won’t sink into soft grass if the venue is in an open garden area.

11. Summer hairstyling

Curls and sculpted hairdo don’t work well in hot, humid weather that too very glossy ones, so you go with trial-run hairstyling with your hired stylist, explaining your summer wedding date and experimenting with sleeker hairstyles such as a pulled-back bun or a ponytail with fewer decorations. Hairstyles that are heavy on the head don’t go well long during a hot summer weather event.

12. Choose the lighter perfume

Consider two important facts first summer sweat odor should be covered well along with the fact that you don’t want to wear a perfume that attracts swarms of bees around you, choose lighter perfume fragrances that freshen you up. Also If you or your groom have outdoor allergies, check the day’s pollen counts at the venue and you should keep your regular allergy medication handy during the event.

Have a wonderful summer wedding ahead!

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