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How much Wedding Planners Cost In India for their Service?

Posted By Amita Shrivastav

Oct 29, 2020

A wedding planner organizes all the functions of your wedding too smoothly and one enjoys the
moments of the functions with their relatives, friends, cousins, etc.

When one is planning for a big fat wedding and after getting a wedding the planner is engaged who starts working according to the plan and one assumes that they are doing the best to cater to the functions of the wedding. Well, nowadays, wedding planners are always ready to serve you whether you have a big wedding or a small wedding, a wedding in your city or outside of your city, and also if the wedding is at a location that is out of India. A wedding planner In India organizes all the functions of your wedding too smoothly and one enjoys the moments of the functions with their relatives, friends, cousins, etc. Well, wedding planner cost in India leads to an additional cost to the marriage which increases the wedding budget, and of course, you need to arrange your wedding budget accordingly.

But by hiring a wedding planner in India saves lots of your time and that time you can definitely give priority to some other important work during the marriage. Actually, if the wedding planner is good then you may recover the time and effort for the wedding and invest in other activities and it's just an investment of your pocket through which you have freed you both hands at the time of the wedding and enjoy the best moments of your life. The wedding planner is an expert because they have rich experiences as having planned too many weddings in the past and have hundreds of tips which fulfill your demands and start working through the way you need and most of the time it happens that the wedding planner saves your budget and makes your wedding memorable in the allocated wedding budget. As we know that the wedding can be planned and organized by oneself also if you want to free yourself then the option of a wedding planner is best!

wedding planner cost in india

Hire Wedding Planner India

Read below to know more about the Wedding Planner cost in India and reasons for hiring the Wedding Planner. Now the question comes to your mind: how much does a wedding planner cost in your city or India? What all works comes under wedding planners in India? How do you contact the best wedding planner in your city or India?

A wedding planner understands your requirement and provides complete solutions from the starting of your marriage until the end of your marriage functions. Wedding planner taking care of all the works like decoration, pick and drop up, catering, accommodation, venue, etc.

Following are the major activities of the wedding which a wedding planner takes care of :

  • Plan and organize all the Pre-wedding work
  • Make and maintain the budget of your marriage
  • Wedding Entertainment
  • Venue Selection
  • Selection of food and catering management
  • Logistics management
  • Wedding collaterals
  • Accommodation arrangements
  • Complete responsibility for decoration
  • Wedding videography and photography
  • Wedding Gifts
  • License and permissions
  • Wedding Insurance
  • The most important -Time management 

In India, wedding planners are available on the basis of full-time and part-time wedding planning, wedding planner coordinators, and wedding planner consultants and they have different types of costs in India. You can easily find the best wedding planner in India on the internet and of course on our website and hire as per your suitable needs and budget. Wedding Planner, Wedding Coordinator, Wedding Consultants. A full-time wedding planner dedicates his or her whole time and makes all functions ready as per your requirement and process hassle-free and from beginning till the last function of your marriage perfectly. They select and meet everyone for all wedding-related functions on your behalf. Part-time wedding planners do the work of wedding planners in part-time mode only. A wedding Consultant consults with you about the wedding functions, wedding costs, and preferences, requirements and in which way you can organize your wedding and how the wedding looks like. And the wedding coordinator does the activities of coordination to give a wonderful wedding. The wedding coordinator collects all the details planned by you and coordinates smoothly on your wedding day.

wedding planner cost in india

Cost of Wedding Planner in India
The cost of a wedding planner in India is varied because it depends upon too many things like :

  • If you are planning a wedding in big cities then it is usually more cost-effective as compared to other cities.
  • The time left to plan your wedding because if timelines are known in advance then the wedding planner gives more effort than usual to meet your needs.
  • The wedding planner is from your city or comes from any other city.

In general, the cost of the wedding planner starts with Rs.50k onwards and it totally depends upon the years of experience and type of wedding, wedding planner planned, and the popularity of the wedding company. It also depends on the total budget of the wedding. Well, the wedding planner charges do include the venue cost, décor cost, and the vendor paying the cost. The wedding planner cost is the fees that the wedding planner company charges from you.

It approximately estimates 10-15% of your total budget in terms of percentage. You can call the wedding planner and take the cost by providing all the necessary details to them. In case, you are planning the destination wedding, then the wedding planner charges the traveling and accommodation expenses from you also. And sometimes they are offering a discount so consider this also while talking with the wedding planner in India. 

If you need any wedding planner services in India, you can visit the website- www.bookmywedding.in and compare the services of Wedding Planner in India.

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