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How to Pick The Perfect Bridal Hairstyle based on The Shape of Your Face

Posted By Sreeparna Mukharjee

Feb 17, 2020

The most important factor that determines what kind of a hairstyle would suit your face the best, is your face itself.

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There are several things to consider while picking out an ideal look for a bride. The most integral component of the perfect bridal hairstyle is an angelic bridal gown custom made to fit the bride. Other essential accessories include bridal shoes, headgear, and jewelry. One more important feature that plays a significant role in shaping the perfect wedding look for the bride is a perfect hairstyle. Unlike the dresses and veils and ornaments, the bride’s hairstyle does not concern the craftsmanship of the designers. It depends on the natural appearance of the bride and the possible ways to elevate her visual appeal.

When deciding on the perfect hairstyle that would fit a bride at her wedding, a stylist considers several factors. The hairstyle should go with the selected bridal gown, the accessories, and the theme of the wedding celebration if any. However, the most important factor that determines what kind of hairstyle would suit your face the best, is your face itself. If you are one of the blessed people getting married this season, you can make note of the following steps to pick the perfect hairstyle that will amplify your glamour.

Figure out your facial structure

Facial structures can generally be categorized into six: oval, heart-shaped, round, square, and diamond-shaped faces. Most people’s faces fall into one of these six categories, and those that don’t are usually a mix of more two or more of these facial structures.


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If your jaws are thin and your temples are well rounded, your face is oval-shaped. For reference, Kate Winslet has an oval face. Almost all hairstyles look good on an oval-shaped face. For a perfect bridal look, you should make sure that your hairstyle complements the shape of your face and doesn’t make it appear thinner or longer. This can be achieved by tucking either side of your hair behind your ear, maybe even both. This will accentuate your cheekbones. You can also go with side-swept bangs.


heart shaped face hairstyle book my wedding

If your temples are wider at the hairlines and your chin is pointy and prominent, you have a heart-shaped face. For reference, see Hollywood actress Reese Witherspoon. If the bride has a heart-shaped face, it is preferable to go with a hairstyle that draws attention to your eyes and shows off your cheekbones. You can also try to make the bottom half of your face appear wider.


round face hairstyle book my wedding

A round face is one that is uniformly rounded at the temples and the chin. For reference, see Natalie Portman. For a round-faced bride, the focus should be on elongating the face and covering up some of the widths of the temples. This is usually done using loose hairstyles that present an illusion of the face occupying less volume. You may leave a tuft of hair un-tucked on one side of your face.


square face hairstyle book my wedding

A square face consists of a straight forehead and a sharp and angular jawline. Margot Robbie, for instance, has a square-shaped face. There are two ways to go about picking a suitable hairstyle for a square-faced shape. You can either draw attention to your prominent jawline or you can have it softened using the way you wear your hair. Straight hair is perfect for a square-shaped face, you may also have a few soft ways thrown in. Curls aren’t advisable since they would make your face look wider.


diamond face hairstyle book my wedding

If your jawline narrows near the forehead and the chin then you have a diamond-shaped face. Diamond-shaped faces are as symmetrical as they are rare. You can pull off almost all kinds of hairstyles. You can go with ponytails or middle parts that will draw attention to your elegant bone structure.

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