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How to plan a simple Indian Wedding

Posted By Amita Shrivastav

Mar 19, 2021

Planning a simple Indian wedding if done properly will make you not only happy but also relaxing during the period of your wedding.

Planning a simple Indian wedding if done properly will make you not only happy but also relaxing during the period of your wedding. For this, you need perfect planning of simple Indian wedding as per budget for all the arrangement which makes your Big Day memorable & exciting. You have to closely look at each and every requirement like decoration, wedding attire, venue, catering service, photographs, and gifts. Get the simple wedding ideas that can guide you step -by -step with a perfect structure of every function of a simple Indian wedding.

1.Make A Budget

The finance part is a very important step for arranging a simple Indian wedding because you need to allocate the budget for every function and discuss with your parents or guardian for more details .and start work accordingly. You have to keep some funds for back up with convenient funds and also keep post-wedding expenses. Smartly, utilize the funds and don't spend frivolously. Make a detailed list and consider each part where you need to spend money and fixed the estimated budget.

2. Fix Your Venue

Choose to fix your venue as per your budget, it also would be best if you choose the wedding venue near your home through which you may be able to save the transportation cost to the venue. Once on getting married dates fixed, instantly book the venue in advance because delayed booking sometimes incurs cost.

plan a simple Indian Wedding

3. Buy Off-Season 

It would be best for you when you start and complete wedding items shopping during the off-season of the wedding or the Sayas. At the time of the season, you will get the maximum discount on every purchase whether it is related to wedding attire or anything. You will get the great opportunity the purchase desired brands at the cost of your budget.

In fact, when you are shopping online than during the off-season, you can get all great discounts and offers on prices, you may compare the price and purchase the products which suit you.

4.On Sale-Shopping 

Great time to go shopping according to the Simple Indian wedding budget when the sales offer starts or go to shopping where you can get discounts to save money, in the same manner, you can do the shopping through an online portal during festive sales.

5.Music or Entertainment

Hiring instrumental music is the best simple wedding idea that reflects the simplicity of your wedding. You can also make a playlist of songs according to your choice or your friends and relatives and play during the functions of your marriage and rock your wedding party.

plan a simple Indian Wedding

Credits- Dream Diaries

6. Take advice from some experts

You may take advice from an expert person from your family or acquaintance, who has got a simple Indian wedding idea with a bit of creativity and to know how to do a simple Indian wedding within a limited budget. If you don't find one then you can also hire some experts wedding planners who are having rich experiences in organizing simple Indian weddings and cost management.

Don't be confused that hiring a wedding planner will increase the cost of your wedding but they can channelize your simple Indian wedding funds into required things and coordinate as well.

7. Wedding Decoration 

Don't go with heavy decoration in the simple Indian wedding cut some decors and use only where it is necessary. In the day wedding, don't include lighting in your decoration. Minimal decoration of the mandap or pedestal decoration, table arrangements, and the backdrop of the wedding stage. If you are arranging the wedding at a hotel then cut down on the decoration at each space because hotels are well decorated usually.

8.Plan Your Honeymoon

Nowadays, every couple plans a honeymoon either doing a simple Indian wedding or something different. Plan your honeymoon with your partner where you both get to know each other closely and understand the preferences and tastes of each other and make a strong bond. Spend time beautifully and make special days. Book the ticket and hotels in advance and search for the best place to visit according to your pocket.

simple indian wedding

9.Maintain Catering list

In a simple Indian wedding, you can choose to add traditional food items to your menu from appetizer to dessert. Take a note of the taste preferences of your guests also and into the catering list also.

Effectively communicate to the catering manager about your requirement about the quality and taste of foods. Review the recommendations of catering services while choosing the catering company.

10.Prioritize Your Work

While doing the simple Indian wedding budget or works, planning by making a list to do and don't go with random arrangements. Prioritize all your works start with mote importance go with less importance and this makes you happy and relaxes while enjoying your wedding. Keep the checklist handy and review it regularly and manage your things efficiently.

 Simplicity is always beautiful so go with a simple Indian wedding. Smartly, take the simple wedding ideas and arrange the perfect wedding which becomes lifetime memorable moments for you, your family and of course for your guests.


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