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How to Plan An Eco Friendly Wedding

Posted By Sreeparna Mukharjee

Jan 24, 2020

When the wedding days are so special, so auspicious, then why do couples fill the skies with smoke and grounds with litter?

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There are certain days in a person’s life that they cannot forget, even if they try hard.  Their wedding date is one of those days.  It is an auspicious event, the union of two souls merging as one, eternally blessed.  There is nothing more refreshing than the thought of marrying your soul mate. It is not a surprise, therefore,  when we see couples investing a grand sum to sponsor their dream wedding. But the harsh reality is that the pure union of two lovers rests upon an ashen land.  If wedding days are so special, so auspicious,  then why do they fill the skies with smoke and grounds with litter?  You might say, it is only natural for such grand events to generate a little amount of trouble for the atmosphere and ecosystem. But where do we draw the line? Let's see eco friendly wedding ideas.

Here’s how our weddings affect the atmosphere:

Nothing can make your wedding livelier than a host of colorful firecrackers.

These sparkling jewels adorn the night skies with

their brilliance and make your special day memorable.

But none of that materialistic beauty can make up for the damage they cause to the atmosphere.

Plastic waste
We all plan the perfect menu for our wedding reception, don’t we?

But what we fail to consider is the best way to serve it.

While, most of the dinner activities take place using steel and glass plates,

plastic steals the show when it comes to beverages and starters.
At the end of every wedding,

you can see a large amount of plastic waste spread out on the grounds.

Noise pollution
You might scoff at this subheading.

I mean, compared to what the Earth is facing,

noise pollution sounds like a miniscule issue, doesn’t it?

Guess what, it isn’t! Pollution is pollution, no matter the type.

It affects our ecosystem and our atmosphere.

And Indian weddings are popular for their loud and boisterous nature.

Now, that you have understood the gravity of the situation and are

on the same page with me, let’s work out a solution for this problem.

If you wish to plan an eco-friendly wedding,

then you have to make some efforts. Here’s how to start:

1. Talk with your family
I know it sounds like a useless advice, but it isn’t.

Talk with your close friends and family about your intentions to plan an eco-friendly wedding.

Get them on board with you.

If everything goes well, they will support you in your efforts.

If it goes superbly well, they will even join in and try to help you out!

2. Go biodegradable
Weddings are a breeding ground for non-biodegradable wastes such as single-use plastic cups.

Everyone is already aware of the dangers that plastic brings toward our ecosystem.

Yet, the use of plastic is still widespread across the entire length of the country.

This is a serious issue which needs to be dealt with immediately.

This is also an issue that you can tackle at your wedding.

Replace plastic with better-suited alternatives such as paper cups and so on.

Set the bar high and completely eliminate the use of any non-biodegradable material whatsoever.

3. Choose a suitable ring
If you haven’t already got your ring, you can start your green wedding planning pretty early.

For this, you’ll need to get a ring with a rock that is environmental-friendly.

For this, you can pay a visit to one of the local dealers who specialize in the subject.

They can provide you with a ring that contains precious gemstones

and diamonds that are environmentally and socially acceptable. Hence we should consider eco friendly wedding.

4. Choose a suitable wedding venue
While everyone dreams to be married at the venue of their dreams,

it is more responsible for us as adults to pick sustainable wedding locations.
Here’s what you have to look for:

A) A sustainable location
There are many venues that you can opt for that are fit to host a green wedding.

You should look for something concise and clean.

There are many locations that grow the ingredients which they use to cook the wedding food

by themselves by resilient farming practices.

Organic farming is a great way to support ecosystem.

B) A beautiful spot
Our environment faces a lot of damage due to our decorating practices.

Expensive lighting, sparkling fireworks, and swirling flowers all make our wedding venue appear like a paradise.

All this takes a toll on our ecosystem and damages it greatly.
There are a few things that we can do to tackle this problem.

We can begin by choosing a venue that has a natural charm to it.

That way, we won’t have to try to make it appear flashy and expensive.

C) Commute
Let’s not ignore the amount of gas and fuel we waste when we plan our wedding.

Constant driving, and going from one place to another in search for wedding-related things are a curse to environment.

Most of the pollution today comes from the harmful substances generated by vehicles.

Here’s how to reduce driving when planning for our wedding:

      1. Choose a location that is close to where you and the majority of the guests are living.
      2. If there are a lot of people travelling from far-away places, encourage the idea of carpooling together.
      3. This can be a fun bonding experience for them, and a peaceful one for the atmosphere.

5. Recycled paper
One of the first things that people can do when planning a green wedding is to promote the use of recycled paper.

During a wedding, there is a large amount of work to be done on paper.

Save-the-dates, invitation cards, programs, menus and thank-you cards are all printed on paper.

This can prove to be a golden opportunity for green-wedding planners.

Simply stack up a large amount of recycled paper and use them for this purpose.

6. Go local
To cut down on the need to drive over long distances,

you should try to get most of the work done locally.

Get the wedding ring designed by a local vendor, and choose a venue that is close by.

Such a small measure can make a deep impact on the atmosphere and reduce your carbon footprint.

7. Do your homework
Planning a green wedding is a challenge. You cannot do it alone.

Research for vendors and companies and check if they are willing to go

above and beyond to conserve energy and other resources.

Hire them to plan your wedding and enjoy a tranquil,

clean atmosphere under the sun.

8. Consider flea markets
It is always a treat to browse through flea markets and thrift shop.

There is a huge probability that you might run across a forgotten treasure at one.

You can convert them into beautiful décor that you can use at your wedding.

9. Rent reusable items
There are many environmental conscious companies which rent out

reusable items such as plates, linen, utensils and much more.

You can browse through the internet to find if such a service is available at your location.

Doing this will eliminate the use of a large amount of

non-degradable products such as single-use plastic.

10. Donate leftover food
Weddings are known to push out a large amount of food to feed their guests. A large amount of this food goes uneaten and is thrown out. This is a complete waste of perfectly good food. You can get charitable and donate this food to those who need it. There are many organizations that can assist you in this task.

These were the factors why you should consider eco friendly wedding.

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