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Planning a Budget for Destination Wedding in India

Posted By Jennie Kakkad

Mar 26, 2021

A very smart idea for you to make your wedding ceremony even more special is by going for a destination wedding. So here are tips for Planning a Budget for Destination Wedding in India.

A wedding is always a special moment and you ought to make it more special. There has been a transformational shift in the style, pattern, and ideas of wedding ceremonies, and they have become so very different in then-recent times with thousands of gracing theme-based weddings. You people tend to opt for a lot of innovative ideas that can help you make your wedding a special and memorable affair.

Planning a Budget for Destination Wedding in India

A very smart idea for you to make your wedding ceremony even more special is by going for a destination wedding. Although, it may cost you very heavy at the same time will leave a lasting impression on the guests and will make you feel special looking back at it. There are many such places in India where you can get married to your sweetheart to have some very special memories for your wedding. These weddings are so very different from normal weddings and you tend to feel so much special when you are going to get married in a lovely hill station in a natural setting. There are many wedding planners to help you have awesome hill station weddings in Lonavala, Missouri, and Shimla amongst others.

Planning a Budget for Destination Wedding in India

Why have Destination Weddings in India become so Popular

There are many reasons behind the popularity of destination weddings and the biggest one is the fact that people are looking to make their wedding innovative. Most of you have become bored of the routine wedding ceremonies and want to make sure that yours is a bit different from that of others. These destination weddings provide you with the luxury of having a wedding ceremony that is quite different from the others. Here are some beautiful and popular destination wedding ideas that will make your wedding a memory of your lifetime:


  • Beach Weddings in Goa: This is possibly the best idea that you can opt for when you are looking to get married. It is quite remarkable to get married on the beaches of Goa amidst the beautiful natural scenery that makes it a lovely affair. 
  • Hill Station Weddings: This is the best idea for a wedding in the summers. These hill stations provide you with that sense of beauty that you want to have at your weddings. These weddings can also be a very good chance for you and your guests to have a very good outing and this is why they have become very popular in recent times.  
  • Marrying in the Forest Resorts: This is another very special idea and getting married in the mangroves and the natural settings of Kerala can be a very exciting idea for you people. If you are looking to make your wedding amongst the best wedding parties, then this is probably the best possible setting that you can get to find for your wedding. 


Planning a Budget for Destination Wedding in India

But it is not that easy to plan for a destination wedding as there are many factors that you need to have a look at like venue selection or the budget. Budget is all the more important because the venue selection, guest list, menu, decoration, and other essentials are directly influenced by the wedding budget. 


Here there are two options while planning a budget: 

Connecting with the Wedding Planner: Thoughtfully, analyze, evaluate, and assess how much you can spend on your wedding and then only go to any wedding planner. You can tell about your budget and then the wedding planner will help you to plan your wedding as per your budget. Having a budget is very critical as most of the time, you tend to spend lavishly in the beginning and are short on money at the end. This is why you must plan properly and make a selection of everything as per your budget and have a lovely wedding. The wedding planners can help you a great deal in this and when you have the right one by your side, you can have the best possible wedding within your budget.

Planning Your Wedding Your Way: If you not looking to hire a wedding planner, it is important to wisely choose the wedding venue. An offbeat location will be the best option where you can get the leverage of more concerns and thoughtfulness for making your special day memorable. You can choose to minimize the expenditure on décor and save considerably. Then, when considering the mehndi artists, makeup artists, a priest for wedding, wedding DJ, and more, should all be taken into consideration to plan a perfect destination wedding budget. 

Planning a Budget for Destination Wedding in India

The Bottom Line

Destination wedding planning is all about making a wise choice of vendors to have a smooth course of your wedding in your planned budget. Going out of the budget will give nothing but stress, pain, and discomfort, so why stay misaligned with your wedding budget? Stay on budget and have a splendid wedding. 

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