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Pre-wedding Shoot Ideas using the Bike! Pre-Wedding Shoot, On the Move!

Posted By Sudhir Bhatt

Jul 25, 2019

A Travel Loving Couple can use this idea of Pre-wedding Shooting for their Pleasure.

Image Courtsey: HAHA Photography

Some thoughts that come to mind as we talk about the pre-wedding shooting concept are that of togetherness, fun, adventure, exploration, and romance of being together at this time. This complete package can be achieved via shooting on the bike, on the go, pre wedding shoot experience. Apart from the other options, this can be a straightforward theme, where the cost will be minimum if you already own a bike.

Here are some suggestions for you –

Clothing theme – Shoot with both traditional and casual wear.  You can also go for the biker jacket look instead of the casual one.

prewedding shoot on bike with traditional attires

Places to shoot – You can shoot on a beach, ride the bike while the water splashes by your side. In an area like the national park, you can live amidst the beauty of nature.

preweddding shoot on different places

Props – The most useful accessory here is the dupatta, and it can be used to create many dreamy images. For fun images, you can use balloons and exciting billboards.

prewedding photoshoot ideasImage: 

Poses – Now mix and match all the above three elements to build frames with different poses and styles. For the filmy buffs, try Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge song sequence, from,’Mere khwabon mein’. The girl asks for a lift, and Shahrukh Khan looks back. Mere ‘sapno ki rani kab ayegi tu’, song pose, where the guy is riding while singing. The girl is on the bus, or a car would be a unique picture. Badrinath ki Dulhania pose, use a market background, that is colorful, as you wear your traditional dresses. All these situations will record unique memories of your experience.

pre wedding shoot ideas on bike

Non- filmy ideas would be – the girl sitting at the back and holding the dupatta up in the air. The girl may be holding colorful balloons in the air. As you travel to the national park or a similar natural area, use the trees and the leaves in the background to suit your attire. The guy can stand holding a helmet, while the girl can hold the flared skirt. Do back shots, take the entire background, tall trees and leaves on the ground, while you both are standing facing your back.

On the beach as well, use the sun’s light effectively. Shoot in the dark with the light of the sun; you can do shots that depict freedom, like hands in the air. Let the girl sit in front, on a standing bike or the bride to be, riding it, as the groom to sit behind.

pre wedding shoot ideas

Pic courtesy - The Picturemakers 

Use two bikes and hold hands in between. Use billboards, like ‘He is taken’ and ‘She is taken’. ( we are one, romance with a change). Think of very different combinations, for a few shots; you can also use a bicycle. Most important, take inspiration from your own life. Choose places with action poses that define you both and your relationship.

Keep inventing ideas! …… Happy Journey and Happy Posing!

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