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Six different Foot and Leg Mehendi design for the bride

Posted By Pragati Tiwari

Sep 3, 2019

Weddings in India are incomplete without the traditional Mehendi which is drawn on the hands and feet of the bride.

Unlike a decade before where someone in the family had to be an expert in drawing Mehendi today, there are various Mehendi experts active on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook.

These experts also draw beautiful and perfect Mehendi designs on the foot and leg of the bride and that too at affordable rates.

Mostly, you will have to choose these designs from a book provided them.

However, if you want a unique and attractive Mehendi design on your feet and leg, here are some mind-blowing foot and leg mehndi designs that you can experiment with:

Mandala design

mandala hand mehndi design mandala foot mehndi design

The Mandala Mehendi design is very attractive.

Its circular patterns and minimalistic design make it trendy and beautiful at the same time.

This design is perfect for a bride who wants to flaunt her adorable feet at the wedding.

Jaal design

Jaal Mehndi  Design

The Jaal Mehendi design has many variations but it usually consists of lines intersecting one another at various points forming a ‘Jaal’ or network.

The design sprawls from the feet up to the leg but generally ends a couple of inches below the knees.

The most preferred Jaal design is the one with dots but other designs are also preferred nowadays.

Floral design with roses

floral rose mehndi designsource: floral hand design, floral foot design

Sometimes, you would like to don a unique foot and leg Mehendi design.

A floral design with petals, roses, and other flowers will make you look like a princess at your wedding.

However, while using such designs keep in mind that the patterns should not be complex and too close to each other.

Keeping space between each pattern will bring out the details perfectly.

Designs with shading

shaded mehndi design

A Mehendi design with the shading effect is not a new method at all but it breaks the monotonous looking color by presenting an extra shade of the Mehendi.

It looks much better with closely drawn patterns and goes well with colored nails as well.

Jewelry pattern

jewellery mehndi design

A jewelry patterned foot and leg Mehendi design is preferred by most of the brides as it gives an effect of jewelry on their legs and feet.

Anklets can be drawn on the ankle and designs can be drawn on the toe to resemble toe-rings.

Also, the jewelry can be connected using intricate patterns and designs.

Peacock design

peacock mehndi designs

  The peacock design is considered to be one of the best and auspicious Mehendi designs in the Hindu culture.

Usually, peacock heads are drawn on the legs and their body and beautiful features extend towards the feet and toes.

It goes well with the spiral designs on the toes and ankles.

With so many designs to experiment you must feel like a lucky bride at your wedding!

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