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Smart Wedding ideas for a low-budget Indian Wedding

Posted By Pragati Tiwari

Sep 25, 2019

A typical Indian wedding is all about the ambiance and decorations play a major role in creating a royal and magical environment for your guests.

With smart wedding decor ideas, even a low-budget wedding can be made to look both grand and extravagant.

Some people might not even think of the contemporary decor ideas due to lack of budget.

Therefore, today we are presenting some smart contemporary decor ideas that are not only impressive but also budget-friendly.


If expensive lighting decorations do not fit in your budget, you can simply switch to candles.

Candles with a light yet mesmerizing fragrance can make the ambiance pleasant.

Also, if you are afraid of the candles spoiling the decor or catching fire, then you can use tea candles which are protected by plastic or metal


Moreover, candles are budget-friendly and they also help you in creating a romantic environment ideal for the wedding.


Flowers are always a hit when it comes to the wedding decorations.

The bright, fragrant and colorful flowers not only make the environment lively and cheerful but they can also cost you much less if you consider

a few things.

Firstly, do not use off-season flowers as they would cost you much more.

Secondly, refrain from costly flowers like devil roses and lotuses and use cheaper flowers like marigold and dahlias instead.

You can also mix the natural flowers with artificial flowers if it suits your budget.

Use Natural Settings

If you cannot afford artificial pillars and other expensive decor items then you can use the existing infrastructure and natural settings to your


For example, you can decorate a tree with flowers and decent lamps and place snack stations below them.

Also, if you have booked a garden hall and there are fountains then you can seek permission from the manager of the hall to decorate or light up

the fountains.

This will not only look cool but will also prove to be a budget-friendly decision on your part.

Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns and sky-candles bring a festive and inviting look to the wedding venue.

Moreover, they have also come cheap if you decide to go for readymade paper lanterns.

You can also assign this task to some of the creative members of your family who can make fancy and cheerful looking paper lanterns for your

wedding decoration.

Use your Creativity

It is not necessary to follow the set rules especially when it comes to wedding decor ideas.

You can also use your creativity to bring in more color and spunk to your weddings.

For example, you can decorate a tyre with flowers and garlands and fix a colored paper with the names of the bride and groom in between.

These tyres can be placed on the entrance of the wedding venue and your guests will not even notice that there is an old tyre behind the flowery


These were some awesome and contemporary decor ideas for a low-budget Indian wedding.

If you need more such ideas you can visit our website - https://www.bookmywedding.in/.

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