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South Indian Wedding Look

Posted By Sreeparna Mukherjee

Feb 18, 2021

South Indian wedding look is a quintessential gorgeous appearance adorned with traditional sarees, a touch of makeup with bold lips, heavy and gold jewelry, and much more.

We know Indian weddings for their extravagant and colorful nature. India is a blend of many distinct cultures. But all of these cultures have one thing in common – they all love a great wedding! Marriage is the link that brings different cultures together and blurs these distinct borders. As such, people from all over the country are adopting wedding looks from different cultures. Among the most popular of them is the traditional South Indian wedding look. 

South Indian wedding look is a quintessential gorgeous appearance adorned with traditional sarees, a touch of makeup with bold lips, heavy and gold jewelry, and much more. Moreover, South Indian weddings are associated with their gorgeous sarees, blooming with different exquisite designs and iridescent colors. Some of these sarees boast designs representing traditional South Indian symbols like the peacock, temples, and much more!

South Indian Wedding Look


How to rock a South Indian wedding look?

Indian wedding planning is a tiresome and exhausting affair. However, this does not dampen the brides and groom's spirits as they venture forth to create the perfect wedding. When all the elements of the wedding are perfect, you cannot go wrong with the bride's and groom's looks. Here's what you need to keep in mind to rock the classic South Indian wedding look.

  1. Jewelry: Heavy gold jewelry is traditional to South Indian brides. Getting the right types of jewelry to adorn the bride is of the utmost importance. Elements like the aadh necklace, which is basically like a golden choker with Menenankari work on the opposite side, look perfect on any Indian bride. The Nath, or nose-ring, is something that all South Indian brides wear on their big day. It is an element that is inclusive of the traditional South Indian wedding. Moreover, payals, earrings, and armlets all add to the indistinguishable charm of a South Indian bride. 
  2. Sarees: When it comes to Indian wedding planning, it is almost illegal to go wrong with bridal sarees. This is emphasized in a South Indian wedding, where Kanjeevaram sarees are popular. Apart from those, there are several choices that brides can opt for depending upon their requirements and desires. A traditional South Indian saree boasts bold colors with meaningful designs and symbols. Kerala wedding sarees, the Mysore silk sarees, and the Kanjeevaram sarees are some of the popular choices in the Southern region of the subcontinent. 
  3. Bridal Makeup: Makeup is the finishing touch to any outfit. South Indian bridal makeup is associated with the subtle, artistic use of products and bold lips that make the bride stand out in a crowd of thousands. That being said, hiring a professional makeup artist is a must. 
  4. Bridal Hairstyle: South Indian brides adorn their hair with flower garlands and keep it together with several traditional and attractive accessories. Though brides can try many different variations, the traditional South Indian hairstyle matches perfectly with its outfit. 

South Indian Wedding Look

There is a reason why the South Indian wedding look is so popular in a country where wedding ceremonies are taken so seriously. The exquisite and elegant nature of South Indian brides look attracts lovebirds from all over the world to dream of a glamorous South Indian wedding.

south indian wedding look  south indian wedding look

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