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Tips for Makeup Artist in Coronavirus

Posted By Amita Shrivastava

Sep 16, 2020

Here are Tips for Makeup Artist in Coronavirus about how to deal with coronavirus during this tough period!

These days, everywhere you can hear the scary word "coronavirus" which is one of the most deadly viruses around all the globe, and due to this all professions and personal lives are affected. The wedding industry is effected badly as the removal of coronavirus requires social distancing and a grand wedding won't be possible without social gathering. But people are still having weddings in these times under the shades of dreaded Corona with a minimum number of guests which would easily manage social distancing and not don't let it spread the community spread of the coronavirus. During this, some of the most challenging jobs that are of the make-up artist and we tend to let give crucial information to make- up artists, on how they take care of them, or how the makeup artists can deal with coronavirus during this tough period. So, below are some healthy Tips for Makeup Artist in Coronavirus.

Tips for Makeup Artist in Coronavirus-

1. Sanitize Regularly

First of all, you should always keep sanitizer handy and sanitize yourself regularly, like before going out from your place and reaching the bride's place sanitize yourself, if you touch anything, be careful always and watch out that no sick people are present at the place you visit.

Tips for Makeup Artist in Coronavirus

2. Wear Gloves always
For dealing with coronavirus, make-up artists should wear latex gloves before starting the work of makeup at the place of the wedding.

Makeup Artist gloves in Coronavirus

3.Maintain Hygiene
The make-up artist should wash their hand regularly or after an interval of every 15-20 minutes. All the brushes and washing products used during make-up should be wash properly. Don't use any products on your hand, always use the product for the mixing purpose on some clean makeup palette. And take all the makeup products in one plate which are only for single time use or for one person to be used.

Tips for Makeup Artist in Coronavirus

4. Keep an Alcohol-based cleaning solution
Carry alcohol-based cleaning solution in a spray form properly bottled, which may be easy to put in your make up kit, in boxes to clean all the products on your arrival.

5. Extra care while cleaning brushes
The makeup artist should not share any brushes without properly cleaning their brushes and ensure that your brush does not fall or are put in any open spaces, use, and keep only in your cleaning box. Don’t use liquid lipstick this time or if you want to do then clean the brush before dipping it into the bottle of lipstick again and again.

make up artist

6. Discard Used Things
The makeup artist should be responsible for not spreading the coronavirus during the time of makeup and for that purpose, a make-up artist should dispose of all used tissues, cotton balls, makeup removers clothes if any in an enclosed trash bin or bag.

7. Wear facemasks
Wear face masks always from the time you come out of your place till you go back to your place after work completion.

8. Be open to cancellations & rescheduling
As the coronavirus stops only due to social distancing, So, try to re-schedule and cancel the pre-bookings and appointments and talk to your clients, discuss and address concerns in a proper manner.

tips for makeup artist in coronavirus

I hope, through these above Tips for Makeup Artist in Coronavirus can deal with the coronavirus and this will definitely work out and if you are looking for any healthy wedding  tips, please refer our website:


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