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Tips that a groom can follow for his Pre-Wedding preparations

Posted By Seraj Ahmed

Oct 19, 2019

We must admit that it is the bride who gets the most attention at a wedding.

Image Courtsey: Spaseeker

However, the pre-wedding preparations for the groom are also important as people often try to compare the groom with the bride and vice versa.  Moreover, anyone would like to look the best on their wedding day and grooms are no exception to this.  Therefore, today we have brought some smart tips that a groom can follow  during the pre-wedding preparations:

Groom yourself

A groom must look presentable and decent on his wedding day.  Therefore, the would-be groom needs to groom himself properly by taking a decent hair cut,  by shaving his beard regularly, and he can also take a manicure and pedicure session once in a while. You cannot shave or cut hair a day before marriage because it looks obvious and spoils the image of the groom.  Therefore, the grooming must be started from at least a month before the wedding date.


Not everyone is fair but the would-be groom must at least try to keep his complexion clean and spotless. Drinking turmeric milk regularly before sleeping at night will make a huge difference to your complexion as it makes you look fair naturally. Moreover, the groom can make use of face scrubs to exfoliate the dead skin cells from his face.  The face of the groom must look charming and therefore it is not a bad idea to go for herbal facials as well.


Boys and men tend to ignore oral hygiene but it can leave a bad impression on your guests if you are sporting yellow teeth on your wedding day.  Therefore, the groom must take efforts to make his teeth look sparkling teeth.  The would-be groom should start following the habit of brushing twice a day and he can also rub a little bit of baking soda every day on the teeth to make them appear whiter and brighter.  The tongue also needs to be cleaned from the back of the toothbrush every day to avoid foul breath.

Body Hair

Some men carry a lot of body hair.  The body hair seems to be even more visible on the wedding day especially during the Haldi rituals when the groom has to be in minimum clothes.  Therefore, the groom must try to at least trim the hair and the leg on the body to avoid unpleasant and funny remarks from the friends and relatives.

A healthy lifestyle

A groom must try to look younger and fresh on the wedding day by adopting a healthy lifestyle.  Therefore, he needs to quit oily food, alcohol and other bad habits like smoking at least a few months before the wedding to look dashing and smart. Also, check out What should men wear at a winter Reception?

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