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Tips that you can follow to organize a Royal Reception Party after your Wedding

Posted By Seraj Ahmed

Oct 16, 2019

Wedding receptions are essentially grand parties that are organized by the family of the groom for the friends and relatives.

This event is especially dedicated to the guests who were not able to attend the wedding due to a faraway wedding location or any other reason.

Planning a wedding reception requires a lot of skills and intelligent planning.  These tips can help you organize a grand wedding reception after your wedding:


Select a suitable venue

select a suitable venue

Firstly, you need to select a suitable venue according to the number of guests and the type of reception party you want to organize.  Usually, lavish hotels or garden halls are considered to be ideal for the reception.

You can also take the help of the internet to explore different places that are suitable for hosting a grand wedding reception.


Look at your budget

Wedding Budget

Sometimes we tend to ignore the budget as all we want to do is throw a royal reception party.  However, sometimes it can hurt your financial planning and you might repent it afterward.  Therefore, it is better to fix a budget and choose a menu, decorations, and other preparations accordingly.

You can also take the help of your spouse to prepare the guest list so that you are aware of every single detail about your wedding reception.


Send an invitation

wedding invitation

Many people tend to mention the reception details on the wedding invitation card itself. However, if you are planning to organize an intimate reception party only for a few selected friends and relatives then you might consider creating a separate reception invitation.

The invitation must mention the reception venue and timing clearly and you can also mention the purpose of throwing a wedding reception party tastefully.


Hospitality matters

hospitality Services for Wedding

A reception is usually a more sophisticated event as compared to the Indian weddings.

People expect to be treated with respect and care and therefore you must employ a hospitable staff to provide a good experience to the guests.

The waiters need to ensure that everyone gets what they want to eat and drink. You can also employ a few people to pick and drop your guests before and after the reception.

This will make your guests feel special and they will cherish it forever!


Keep games and other activities

wedding games & activities

      source: saralmarriage.com

Wedding receptions should not be boring and for that, you need to incorporate activities like couple dance, music chairs, etc.

Interactive games can be included to entertain the wedding couple and guests. You can also take the help of a wedding planner to organize all the activities.

These are the things that you should do to ensure a grand wedding reception. If you still have any queries about it then you can.

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