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Top 5 Colours Brides could Opt for their Engagement Outfit

Posted By Rachel Ann Rodrigues

Sep 10, 2019

If you are planning to have a fairy tale wedding, there is no way the bride can look anything less than a fairy herself.

You are the star of the evening and your outfit must stand out from the rest of the crowd.

The colour of your engagement outfit speaks volumes about your style, taste and how you are as an individual.

We have brought you some gorgeous colours you could consider to wear on your big day!


pink dress for engagement

Being the centre of the celebrations and the fairy of the fairytale union, what better colour would suit the princess than pink? From pink saris, lehenga to gown, everything will look gorgeous on the bride. Use quirky, creative and unique prints on the outfit to bring out your best self. 



red dress for engagement

Red is the colour of love, passion happiness and of course, the big fat Indian wedding. Red is an obvious choice for engagement dresses as it signifies power and tenacity, something all strong Indian women are. A red outfit can be teamed with delicate jewellery and accessories so that the adornments do not overpower the entire look.



blue dress for engagement

 Ditching the predictable bridal colours, blue has become a hot favourite for the modern age bride to be. It signifies royalty and elegance, and is sure to create fashion ripples. With the right  amount of crepe, silk, chiffon or even soft lace, blue is a colour that never disappoints.


pastel color dress for engagement

 No one can go wrong with pastels, and that is why it is the go-to option for most brides. Pink, beige, mauve, off are some of the favourite engagement dress colours, and a recent entry has been made by ice-blue as well. Pastel shades go well on all skin tones so it is the safest option there is.



yellow dress for engagement

Yellow is the colour for a young, bubbly and vivacious bride. Yet another out-of the box colour among the heavyweight traditional colours like pink and red, yellow is making its mark and becoming a crowd favourite. As it is a bright colour itself, brides should complement it with minimal makeup and simple classy jewellery, like a pearl set.

To make your engagement a night to remember and to leave an impression on your new family, make sure you choos a flattering and trendy colour!

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