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Variation In Mehndi Designs As Per Various Cultures

Posted By Sudhir Bhatt

Aug 29, 2019

Culture Plays A Very Significant Role In Artistic Style And Design Of Mehndi, Below are Three Most Popular Ones. 

Arabic Mehndi

Arabic mehndi has bold and big designs making it a lot easier to sketch, takes lesser time; hence, it is a hit with the masses. The drawing includes stuff like veils, flowers and leaves, as per the overall look you want, they are drawn on hands, arms and legs. The essential distinctive aspect of Arabic mehndi is the use of space. There are lot of blank spaces in between two motifs, and the mehndi artist places them in such a way that they make a unique impression. The outline is dark, and the inner filling area is usually empty. It brings out a royal look and feel to the design. Its roots have been traced down to Gulf countries, and so it is called the Arabic designs. The style of Arabic cultures works on the minimalism approach.

Arabic Mehndi Designs for Hand arabic mehndi Foot designs

Indian Mehndi

Indian Mehndi  Hand Design

Indian Mehndi Design for foot

A complete opposite of the Arabic designs, here the motifs are rather small and delicate and are sketched rather close to each other. It has different styles from simplistic to complex. Bridal Indian mehndi has a very distinct flavour, with dholaks, bride and the groom, palkis, Kalash, everything that is a part of the marriage celebration. The non-bridal is popular too, with floral, dots, chequered, butas, peacocks and bells. Sometimes women prefer heavy all covered hands and sometimes a bit lighter style. Use a style which matches your dress and the hands.


Pakistani Mehndi 

Pakistani mehndi though has similarities with the Indian style, as regards to its intricacy, it is more rooted in the Pakistani culture. This one also has things such as floral designs, butas, but it also has mandalas, domes, leaves are used a lot and many times seen on mosque doors. The lining in this type of design is bold again.

Pakistani Mehndi Design


As the write up shows, each culture has its unique mark as per the traditional scenario. The mehndi trend is catching up, and we have fusion styles as well, one of them is Indo-Arabic. Another is Indo-Western, which has some tattoo designs blended with Indian art. And as for the brides, every bride has a legacy, culture, tradition to ingrain and follow.

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