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Vegan and Fusion Desserts For The Wedding Menu

Posted By Yashvini Bhatt

Sep 4, 2019

The New Generation Indian Wedding Demands A Combination Of Authentic And Newly Created Sweet Food Plate, Continuing Where We Left From.

The big fat Indian wedding cannot be complete without the sweets or as we call it “mithai”, is the cherry on the pie.

We earlier discussed traditional mithai, now we will look at some Indo-western fusion stuff, something different combinations and vegan items.

Talking about Vegan, this food culture, it’s demand in the eatery industry is increasing day by day.

The traditional sweets like Gulab Jamun, Ladoos and many more are custom made for occasions and celebrations.

In the western vegan dessert, you also have delicious chocolate cake with almond butter.

Then there is creamy vegan lemon tart, with cashew filling and served alongside fresh coconut cream.

Fruit cupcake with seasonal fruit such as mango or strawberries would also be a treat for the guests.

These and more such vegan item preparations can be a healthy and classy addition to the menu.

In case you are upto trying something new, try items like Orange and Strawberry Rabdi, in the Indian sweet section.

For the western, it could be something like Vanilla Custard cookie cup.

For the fusion department, there is a Thandai mousse cake.

If you like pista thandai and whipped cream together, do give it a try.

Mango lassi Greek yoghurt with almond crust would be a unique choice for the Mango season dessert.

And in case you are looking for more options for a sweet tooth that are light on the stomach.

Cotton candy can be a major hit, with all the childhood memories rushing back.

Set up a stall of hand-spun, natural cotton candy to light up the day.

Closing down, these are a few exciting and detailed options.

You check out the list of caterers on Book My Wedding, who can guide you and explain about different varieties. 

With bookmywedding.in choosing caterers and sweet is a cakewalk, literally.

Enjoy and indulge your sweet tooth!

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