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Wedding Aesthetic According to your Star Sign

Posted By Shreya Sinha

Apr 3, 2021

Just for a bit of fun and frolic, our horoscope nerd has put together a list of what every single star signs wedding aesthetic would be.

For the believers in star signs, here are some tips for making a wedding colorful and enjoyable. Just for a bit of fun and frolic, our horoscope nerd has put together a list of what every single star signs wedding aesthetic would be. There are the following aesthetic on how to get your wedding lofty on the basis of your or your partner's star signs


1 Pisces. .. It loves to have a dreamy, romantic, and floral affair. It requires soft hues, macrons, poppies, silk ribbon, and above all a beautiful floral arbor.

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2 Libra... The sign stands for lovers. Their wedding ceremonies are going to be romantic and they are also animal lovers. So there is every chance to get the involvement of a furry friend.

aesthetic wedding zodiac sign


3 Sagittarius... In these star signs, there's a clear-cut indication that they must be curious travelers at heart which means an overseas elopement. They would have a gorgeous elopement with just a couple of close friends and family who carry on with their holiday and simultaneously the backdrop is amazing.

aesthetic wedding ideas


4 Capricorn....is an ambitious overachiever. It's always Capricorn who is going to have an elegant OTT wedding. This kind of person has a lot of affairs with food, dresses with beautiful silhouettes, and drop earrings. Quite amazing!

indian wedding


5 Virgo...  They are perfectionists and that's why a classic suits them. Such types of couples do meticulous planning and replanning for every aspect of their classic spring wedding. 

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6 Aquarius... Such types of persons like to have their weddings near beaches. In this matter, the groom's squad wearing is made of white chinos. It's something different.

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7 Scorpio... Has a blend of fierceness but calm and cool on the surface. They are known for being mysterious and different. As a result, they prefer to have their weddings in natural surroundings either on a farm or in a garden with earthy coloring and styling.

aesthetic wedding ideas


8 Leo... A Leo represents a fiery lion who likes to be in limelight and loves to get himself/herself married in an amazing and colorful way, full of gems, reds, and luxury. As they are trendsetters, their wedding is full of styles.

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9 Gemini... They're most likely to have more than one influence. Consequently, they may end up combining pastels with a dazzling hue like teal or purple. They are suited to a pretty and rustic garden having opposing pops of color.

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10 Taurus... A couple with this star sign loves to have all things luxurious and choose to have a stunning destination wedding with peonies, roses, and opulent styling. They are a bit rough on the edges but during the wedding day, their behavior is full of manners under the limelight.

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11 Cancer... Such a couple is kind, gentle, and full of compassion. So, they're easily drawn to a romantic wedding. Intimacy is overflowing on every occasion. But it may not come distinctly it will show in their small but very close wedding party. Soft touches are likely to prevail all over a Cancerian’s wedding.

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12 Aries... Arians like to host their wedding in an elegant garden. They like to have spotlights. So Aries choose to have royal and impressive looks all through their wedding. Typically warm tones like pink, red-orange are likely to be prevalent in the florals or stylings.

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