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Wedding Checklist Every Indian Bride Needs to Follow

Posted By Jennie Kakkad

Mar 15, 2021

Wedding is the D-Day of everyone's life. If you want to ensure that your wedding ceremony is so very unique and special.

Wedding is the D-Day of everyone's life. If you want to ensure that your wedding ceremony is so very unique and special. But there are a number of things that are needed to be planned and executed to make your wedding ceremony a pleasant and blistering one. Most of you tend to plan things in advance so that you are able to make everything just perfect on your wedding day.

Especially the Indian weddings are quite extravagant and involve a number of functions prior to and after the wedding ceremony as well. It is quite important for each and everyone to make a wedding checklist prior to your wedding day so that you can have adequate time to find the most suitable option for your wedding day. You need to take care of a number of things from the wedding venue selection to buying jewelry to making the bookings into a beauty parlor and various others.  

How to Plan Your Indian Wedding in the Best Possible Manner

Although, planning a wedding may seem a mammoth task to most of you but it is not that hectic when you approach it in the right manner. You just need to get the things done in time and the first thing you need to do is to make a concrete list of the things and services that you are going to require and arrange for them one after the other. To help you further, here is a look at some of the things that Indian brides and others as well need to get arranged while planning to get married:

Venue Selection:

The first thing that you need to do after finalizing the date of the marriage is to find a suitable venue that is within your budget. You need to be smart enough and make the bookings for the venue at least six months prior to the wedding because it is quite hard to find an ideal venue in the wedding season. Thus, you may have to adjust to a venue that you are not satisfied with and thus your wedding ceremony becomes a little dull and faded. You shall also make sure that the wedding venue is able to hold the guests that will come to your marriage. Finding the right venue is of utmost importance. It should be as per the number of guests so that the venue does not become packed on the wedding day.

Especially in India, a lot of marriages take place in the wedding season and when you get late, getting a venue becomes quite tough. Sometimes, you get a venue that is pretty distant from your home and make things difficult for yourself. Thus, it is best for you to be smart and make bookings months in advance of the wedding and be relaxed after that.

Plan Your Indian Wedding in the Best Possible Manner


Wedding Caterer:

The second most important aspect of an Indian wedding is to find a good caterer as he plays a major part in satiating the guests and making them feel comfortable as well. But as with the wedding venue, most of the caterers are also booked in advance because so many marriages tend to take place on a regular basis. So, you shall be smart and finalize one six months prior to the wedding.

When you plan it this way, you have a plethora of options but when you keep delaying it, most of them get booked, and thus you are having very few options. This can have an impact on the quality of the food which is being served at your wedding ceremony as you will not be able to hire the best caterers. You also need to discuss the number of guests with the caterer so that there is no shortage of wastage of food.

Wedding Checklist Every Indian Bride Needs to Follow


Wedding Decorations:

If you want to make your wedding ceremony special and have some very classy and memorable images, then the wedding decoration is quite an important issue for you. You all want to make sure that your wedding venue looks quite a classic on your wedding day and makes you feel so very special. This is where you need to be smart and make bookings early to opt for the best decorators in your area with ease.


Wedding Cards:

A wedding card is a very important prospect that you need to be very careful about and make sure that you have the best quality cards for your wedding. You need to work very attentively on the design of your Indian wedding cards along with your wedding card designer to have the best quality of cards for your wedding. 

It is quite sensible to have these cards printed at least one or two months prior to the marriage so that you will have some good time to get the cards delivered to your friends and dear ones within time and make things easier for yourself. Now, is the time of digital cards, so you can explore the best options to get the most inspiring e-invitation. 

Wedding Checklist Every Indian Bride Needs to Follow


Wedding DJ and Music Bands:

This is another very important aspect as entertainment is quite an important part of any ceremony and thus by hiring a good DJ, you can help your guests to have a very good time at your party. There are not many high-quality DJs that are available across different cities of India and thus making the bookings around 3-4 months in advance is quite sensible for you.

Some of you also tend to opt for the music bands to make your wedding functions even more special. But as with everything, you must look for them months in advance and then only you will be able to hire the quality band to make your wedding ceremony electric.


Wedding Attire: 

A sophisticated and stunning bridal dress is what all Indian brides look forward to.  A woman becomes very selective when it comes to purchasing the wedding bridal dress. Make sure you explore the options, get to understand the best colors that may add more beauty to your personality, choose designs that are in trend, and make the final purchase a couple of weeks before the wedding day. 

This will help you stay in line with your wedding dress without any changes in your physical measurements. This of course becomes important bride tips because a slight change in the measurement can spoil the entire feel and look of your wedding attire. 


Beautician and Hair Stylist:

Looking beautiful, elegant, and sophisticated at your wedding is the dream of every Indian bride. You all want to look the best on your wedding day and a good beautician helps you a great deal in looking special on your wedding day. With so many quality beauty parlors across India, the choices are many for you but in the wedding season most of them get booked in advance, and thus when you do not approach them early enough, you may get one that does not have a very good reputation in your area.

Wedding Checklist Every Indian Bride Needs to Follow


Wedding Jewellery:

Getting the best wedding Jewellery is the most important checklist every Indian bride should follow. You can browse various designs and patterns along with their approximate costs. Then, go shopping and choose the most elegant, stunning, and appealing heart designs for the wedding day Jewellery, engagement ring, manga sutra, and other Jewellery that you need to buy. 

If in case, you have placed an order for all the Jewellery, create a checklist for the same and ensure that you get it delivered at your place at least one month prior to your wedding day. 


Wedding Photography:

When it comes to wedding photography, who doesn’t want to have those candid moments treasured in your memories? Research on various different types of photography. Then go hunting for the right photographer.

Once the wedding photographer is finalized, make sure you fixed your dates for the pre-wedding shoot, attires for the same, and of course a perfect location. Once the pre-wedding shoot is over, get set go for the wedding day with all the important checklist required for perfect and the most inspiring photography. 

Plan Your Indian Wedding in the Best Possible Manner


Book Your Honeymoon:

Thoughtfully, discuss your honeymoon plans with your would-be husband. Then, explore the options and make the most suitable booking for your honeymoon, at least three to four months before your wedding. Later, a couple of weeks before your marriage, cross-check all your tickets, a complete itinerary of your honeymoon package, and the dates of your honeymoon. 

Plan Your Indian Wedding in the Best Possible Manner


Accommodation for Guests:

You also need to make the bookings for your close friends and relatives that come from different cities and with so much traffic during the wedding season, it is feasible to make the bookings at least three months prior to the wedding. It will help you to find the best options at the best prices.


The Bottom Line

Apart from these checklists, a week before the wedding, the best tip for a bride is to go for a relaxing spa. This will keep you fresh and invigorating for your special day. Then, eventually, just a day before the D-Day, sleep well the night before, allow yourself plenty of time to pamper and get pampered. Finally, wear a beautiful smile on your face and get married to your soul mate. 

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