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Wedding trends for 2021

Posted By Jennie Kakkad

Mar 17, 2021

Last year was a disaster for every individual as the entire year faced an economic shattering due to the pandemic. Every sector was hit, and the wedding industry could not escape it!

Last year was a disaster for every individual as the entire year faced an economic shattering due to the pandemic. Every sector was hit, and the wedding industry could not escape it! People who planned their wedding last year, either shifted their date this year or wrapped it up within their close members. The spark of grand celebration of a spectacular wedding is missing since Covid-19 created massive panic among people. There are hundreds of couples who have confessed that they performed their wedding during the lockdown within stipulated guests and avoided unnecessary chaos. The entire world was eagerly waiting for the new year to bring some fresh news, but alas! the pandemic continues. Though people have started executing the wedding, there remain a lot of restrictions for the wedding industry. However, the rollout of vaccination drive has shown some ray of hope for the would-be couple, while the industry believes that things will start becoming normal soon. Here are the Wedding Trends for 2021.

Following the new-normal

Masks, sanitizer, social distancing, sanitization, etc. are a few common terms we have been hearing since day one of Covid 19. Though states have withdrawn the strict restriction and lockdown for the public, yet several precaution measures are enforced to follow. However, people have become accustomed to the new normal and following the trend.

Make the event a compact one

Interestingly, 2021 will create a new form of wedding celebration. An experienced Indian wedding planner focuses more on small detailing and personalized décor instead of making it grand. This year the calendar has plenty of wedding dates, and people have already started gearing up for comprehensive wedding décor and arrangements. The hiring of DJs, Live music artists, bands for entertainment, which was a common trend prior to the pandemic, has dropped in the latest wedding trend. Though several live music artists are booked for the wedding, proper safety practice is maintained for the invitees.

Ensuring top-most safety from Covid-19 in top hotels

Every wedding is planned in such a manner that ensures safety for the guests. If the wedding or reception is taking place in some closed venue, prior sanitization work is carried by the event management team. Customers prefer booking top-class hotels or hotel chains for their guests, where safety is given the highest priority. Rooms are not only cleaned but sanitized too before the guests step in. Besides maintaining the safety protocols, regular thermal scanning and Covid tests are made mandatory for guests during their stay in top hotels during the event. 

Wedding trends for 2021

Wedding in local destinations

Destination wedding in foreign countries has dropped significantly post Covid 19 period, so during the entire 2021, maximum of the wedding planners will be focusing on spotless locations across the country. The trend of foreign destinations has taken over by native locations. The drastic increase in demand for domestic wedding sites will also have a positive impact on the Indian economy, by this year.

Wedding reception only for close people

After the state governments restricted unwanted gatherings, people in their wedding are focusing on trimming down guest count. People during the post-pandemic situation are adopting new changes in order to ensure a proper wedding. The wedding ideas are thus prepared according to the size of the venue and the latest trend of 2021.

Wedding trends for 2021

The Covid 19 effect is not yet over; still, people have engaged themselves in performing the rituals and special occasions, like weddings. Apart from keeping the guest count limited, special attention is also given to the venue. According to the demand of the wedding, larger wedding venues are booked where people can maintain a proper distance. The event planners make sure that people enjoy the gala, without disturbing the social distancing protocols.

Wedding focuses more on local tradition 

The entire economy had faced a crash during the months-long lockdown due to Covid 19. In order to boost up the economy, the event planners focus more on adopting local influence in the wedding design and wedding decoration ideas. The native arts man, local businesses, etc. are given priority for the decoration of an elegant wedding. However, the event planners play the role of organizing the show; the major decisions come from the bride or groom’s family.  

Special attention on food preparation

The live food counters and catering services are following a strict set of rules and safety measures while preparing food or serving. People have become very strict about hygiene, and the event planners have to follow those inch by inch. 

Wedding trends for 2021

Covid 19 dress code during the wedding

Mask has become a mandatory outfit for people. There is no exception for the invitees as well. Even in some weddings, the bride and groom have been spotted with fashionable masks that go with their wedding attire. The flavor of Indian weddings still exists; people always love to merge the traditional approach with the chic appeal and 2021 will not be an exception at all.

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