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What are the most impressive Wedding Reception themes of 2019?

Posted By Rachel Ann Rodrigues

Sep 29, 2019

Choosing a reception theme and executing it to perfection can be quite stressful yet exciting.

 Once the theme is decided, you can go on with other important aspects such as location, decor, colour scheme, attires and food.

If you are still confused as to which direction you want to go, we have come up with a comprehensive list of themes that can set the

tone for your big day.

Contemporary and Modern

contemporary and modern reception theme

For a modern reception think, minimalist design, geometric shapes and subtle decor. 

Large floral installations are considered big in the modern set up and they are combined with pyrotechnics on the dance floors.

A bold colour scheme and cool structural back drop flows perfectly with the modern, contemporary theme.


boho chic reception theme

For the worldly and quirky couple, boho-chic is the ideal theme.

The boho chic beach wedding is a style that has grown popular over the years.

The bohemian wedding is cool, care free and beautiful.

The decoration can be simple yet elegant.

Decorative pillows, flowy curtains, oriental rugs lining the altar and aisle, punchy floral arrangements and hanging macramé

decorations correspond to the boho themed wedding.

Vintage and Rustic

vintage and rustic reception theme

Take inspiration from decade old weddings to get a vintage style reception party.

The decor can be antique looking with worned out seats and weathered doors.

The rustic wedding is like a traditional theme for modern day couples.

Older buildings, cellar doors and farms give the desired vibe.

Outdoor and Garden theme

Outdoor and Garden theme

Outdoor and Garden Reception theme

For a more intimate and casual affair, with a few friends and family, you can opt for an outdoor- themed garden wedding.

The mood you will be aiming for is casual, laidback, chill and fun.

If the reception is during the summer or spring, and have a garden or backyard large enough to accommodate all the guests,

having a garden themed wedding makes sense.


preppy reception theme

Bold, bright and in your face decor is the name of the preppy game.

You can blend formal aspects of a reception with bright and cheerful decor such as tasteful bows, fresh and colourful flowers

and dainty fonts and balloons.

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