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Why Bridal Makeup is Important

Posted By Sreeparna Mukherjee

Feb 22, 2021

Wedding planning can prove to be cumbersome and exhausting. There are several things that the happy couple toils through that can make them forget about some of the more important little details. No matter how busy you might be with wedding preparations, bridal makeup is something that you cannot overlook, especially in an Indian wedding.

A wedding ceremony is one of the most memorable occasions in anyone's life. That is why people tend to unleash their 'perfectionist' sides when it comes to planning weddings. A perfect wedding requires each aspect of it to be amazing. Apart from the venue, the décor, ambiance, and bride's dresses, people also pay a lot of attention to the bride's makeup. It is what gives the bride's outfit a finishing look. Therefore, bridal makeup needs to be on point – beautiful but in a very subtle and artistic manner.

Why Bridal Makeup is Important


Why Do You Need A Makeup Artist?

In the modern setting, being good at doing makeup is a tremendous talent. There is a reason why this industry is booming to such a large extent, with professionals and experts milling about throughout the whole world. Makeup artists and experts have a high demand because there is no standard or ideal makeup for brides all around. That being said, there is no one' right look' for any bride. Rather, just like different outfits seem flattering on certain different people, makeup should also be done according to the bride and her outfit. 

You might find yourself asking a lot of important questions. How much makeup would the bride need? Will heavy or light makeup be more suitable for her? What shade of lipstick will seem flattering with her outfit? Contrary to what you may believe, there is no right answer to these questions. Each bride is different and will adorn herself with a unique outfit. That is why it is essential to hire a makeup artist in India being a hub for the marriage industry boasts of many efficient and knowledgeable makeup experts.

importance of bridal makeup

Makeup Styles

Earlier, makeup was seen as a symbol of status. As such, women had to comply with specific regulations and codes while applying their makeup. However, modernity is free from all these shackles. Modern-day weddings are devoid of any rigid rules and regulations. Depending upon your comfort zone, requirements, and outfit choice, you are free to try any makeup style that you want – if you wish to play it safe or use bold color schemes and patterns, it's totally up to you. 

However, one of the most important makeup tips advises brides to choose makeup styles that suit their face. This is to ensure that brides don't feel stuffy or warm while sitting through long ceremonies and rituals. 

Why Bridal Makeup is Important


How to Get Your Makeup Done Right

Now that we have moved past the theoretical aspects of bridal makeup, let us dive into practicality. There are some things that brides nowadays overlook that can make their makeup go from 'good' to 'perfect'. 

  1. Trial Runs: Many brides choose to skip over this step, but I promise that a trial run is more than just a preview of your wedding hair and makeup. During a trial run, you can connect with your makeup artist and get to know their personality and style. It is the one chance that you would have to determine if their skill set is compatible with your requirements. 
  2. Keeping the Dress in Mind: Often, brides tend to have a very rigid idea of how they want their makeup to be done. When makeup artists receive very specific instructions, their creativity is obstructed, and they can only do so much to give you a perfect look. Sometimes, these instructions clash with the bridal outfit's overall color or appearance, which makes the makeup look like a job not well done. That is why it is essential to imagine makeup as a part of your outfit, rather than an exclusive element. 
  3. Keep Allergy-Inducing Products Away: This might seem obvious, but you'd be surprised to find out how many brides try on products they are allergic to by mistake. This is another instance where a trial run can prove useful, as brides will get to know beforehand that they are allergic to certain products that they cannot use on the wedding day. 
  4. Ignore the Trends: Many brides tend to get influenced by flashy trends that circulate on social media. Brides shouldn't take such huge risks on the biggest day of their lives. A lot can go wrong when people are trying something new

Why Bridal Makeup is Important

So, there we have it – bridal makeup is an essential element in any Indian wedding. It is what gives the bride a complete look and the indistinguishable quality that the star of the evening needs to possess.

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